Monday, July 27, 2009

Kids+sun+water= FUN!

This is how my kids decided to entertain themselves in the 98 degree weather today (Ok, not sure exactly how hot it got, it was 98 when Prince Charming was on his way home at 5:30 tonight)...

What they don't know is that tomorrow, it's MY turn! LOL

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Princess Roo's hair...

Ok, so I found a super cool idea on a hair blog I follow (Yes, I follow hair blogs, does this surprise you?! LOL) anyway, Jenn had an idea on there that I thought sounded like a TON of fun. She usually has great step by step instructions WITH pictures to go with her super cute hairstyles. This time, she decided to NOT add any pics, just give instructions, then it was up to us to "figure it out". After we "figured it out", she wanted us to post our "interpretation" of HER style on our blog.

After Roo got out of the shower, I got busy & this is what I came up with. It's very simple, but cute (I think so anyway) & I love it. We will definitely do this again.

Here are a few pics.




Front/ her just being silly


Thanks Jenn, this was super fun!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mom, Mindy, Renae...

These pics are for you, pics of the "Star" in Princess Roo's hair for the 4th...

This is how it was when I first did it & yes I know it's crooked & no, I didn't fix it, I left it that way all day!

This is how it looked when we went out that night to watch the fireworks...

This is a "bonus" pic, just because I love it & think it's cute...

(Bonez isn't in this because he was with his BFF for the weekend.) Hope you all had a WONDERFUL 4th of July!

**Disclaimer** I can't take credit for coming up with this idea, I found it on a blog & then went from there with it.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ahhh, livin the good life!

Ok, so I got in trouble from my mom (guess you never really outgrow that, no matter how old you are). She "scolded" me for not updating regularly enough for her liking. Guess it doesn't matter that I'm spending my days hanging out with my kids, HER grandkids. LOL

So Mom, this one's for you... a look at what we've been doing to fill our long hot days.

My "little" Drummer boy, since the drums aren't set up here at the house, he uses whatever is available to practice...(he's using the arm of the couch & the side table)

My "Big" Drummer boy at the Ward Talent Show...
Like Father, Like Son, Ward Talent Show...
Bonez again...
The Princess & C-Man, she was playing dress up LOL...
She HAD to be out there even though it was a complete DOWNPOUR!
Daddy finished the new backboard & even though it was pouring, they all had to "try it out", crazy boys!
B showin he can dunk!
Me & my girl!  My new haircut!!!
Introducing, B's band (minus 1): Double Standard

So there ya go Mom, what's been keepin me away from the computer.  Enjoy!