Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday Bonez!!!

I can't believe I am the mom to a teenager. That is really freaking me out. Seriously, I can't be old enough for this! LOL

I remember so clearly the day B was born, & actually the last few days leading up to it. I won't bore you with the details, but it was quite the surprise having him when we did. We had a c-section scheduled for April 3, nope, guess he didn't like that date. He had something else in mind. LOL

I am so beyond blessed to have him not only as my child, but as my first born. B has brought so much love, laughter, personality & well, even attitude at times, to our home. I can't imagine him not being a part of our family. I have never met a more responsible child, I've even had teachers tell me that. I have a good friend that for years would make the comment "you have such good kids". Well, yeah, okay, whatever. It has taken me years to finally "get" that. You know, I really do have good kids. Bonez is certainly no exception, that's for sure! He's always the first to jump in to help, even when it may be something he doesn't want to do, I know we can count on him.

Anyway, I just want him to know how much I love & cherish him. I am so proud of you B, you have an amazing spirit & I hope all your dreams come true!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Blog Challenge #7

This is my last challenge post for the month. I've thought about today's post for a while & tried to come up with someone I could blog about that I haven't mentioned yet. I finally found the "girl friend" I want to share with you.

I'm not going to mention names, but when/if she reads this, she'll know who I'm talking about. I met my friend years ago, we weren't super close, but were definitely friends. We had some great times when we were younger & made lots of memories. We kind of "kept in touch" through a family member, but that was about it... until recently.

Once again, thanks to Face Book, we "re found" each other. We started chatting & just leaving comments on each other's walls & photos. One thing led to another & the next thing I knew, we were sharing parts of each others daily lives & the struggles we're facing. I got a "vent" email from her today saying she needed a shoulder to cry on. I emailed her back & left my #. Literally, within 30 minutes or so, my phone rang & it was her. I ended up calling her back & we talked for over 2 hours. It was such a refreshing conversation. We both got things out that really needed to be said. We both got to vent, & "spill it all" to each other. What a wonderful thing to have found a "long lost friend" like this & have a great, close adult friendship. I love that we already know long ago history, so we don't have to go through all of that, we just picked it up & went with it.

She has turned into an amazing woman, wife & mom. Her kids are so lucky to have her. She has a lot on her plate, but she is strong & has a wonderful, positive attitude. When things go wrong, she laughs. We actually talked a lot about this, how really, what choice do you have, cry & be bitter & negative, or laugh. Either way, the situation itself isn't going to change, might as well look at the positive & muddle through with a smile on your face & a laugh in your heart.

Anyway, thanks my friend, for "finding" me & feeling like you could come to me, that means a lot to me. I want you to know, our conversation really made my day!

Keep laughing!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blog Challenge #6

Today's question is... "Who encourages you?" I've been thinking about this one & was having a hard time coming up with just 1 person, UNTIL tonight when I read Traci's blog. She posted about her daughter & that's when the light bulb went on for me. I can honestly say that one person that really encourages me is the Princess. Yes, I do know she's not quite 3. Yes, I understand she doesn't necessarily "know" she's encouraging me. No, I'm not saying she comes up & says "Mommy, you CAN do that, you're strong, you can do anything etc" (Although that would be nice to hear LOL). So how exactly does a not quite 3yo "encourage" me you ask? That's easy...

You see, in her eyes, I CAN do everything, I am strong, & hey, I'm even tall in her eyes (anyone that knows me can laugh with me at that one ;)). You see, I am her mom, right now, I'm pretty much her everything. I'm the one that is home with her all day, I'm the one that gives her a bath, does her hair, picks out her clothes, cleans up her messes, gets her something to eat, helps her get on the potty etc. I'm the one that gets to play with her, takes her to the library, shopping, out to get a strawberry limeade at Sonic. LOL You see, right now, her & I are pretty inseparable. That's fine with me, we have so much fun together. She really is my sidekick. We're a lot alike, she's super girlie girl (yep, just like mom), she loves having her hair brushed & done, she loves wearing dresses & looking like a princess. She loves playing with her doll house, & her babies, she's super social & loves hanging out with her friends, she loves the phone & is loving the computer too.

All of this is bringing me to the point I was trying to get at before I got sidetracked... she encourages me to be my best. I know she is watching every thing I do & sometimes imitating that. I want to be a good example to & for her. I want her to love life & see the positive in things. I want her to know she can always turn to me & talk to me, no matter what. I want her to know that I will be always be her #1 fan & support her. I want her to be a strong member of the church, I want her to have her own strong testimony. I want her to want to be a mom, I want her to be a good wife & mommy. I want her to want to serve others, I want her to give 110% in everything she does. I want her to stand up for what she believes in, no matter who may be hurt in the process. I want her to be strong, & confident. I also want her to be herself, & true to herself.

Yes, I want a lot for her, now do you see why I have such a big job ahead of me? She needs to learn these things from me. She needs to see me do these so she knows it can be done.

Anyway, now you know why my little almost 3yo Princess is such a big encouragement to me. I love you Roozi! May all your dreams come true sweetheart!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blog Challenge #5

I'm not going to start off with a question this time, I'm just going to get right to the point.

I'm going to blog about my mom tonight. My parents made the trek down here to spend the weekend with us. This is something I always look forward to. My mom & I have so much fun together. We both love to shop, so that could have a lot to do with it. LOL But even if we aren't out doing our part in stimulating the economy, we can (& do) have fun hanging out here. We both love crafty stuff, chick flicks, & just talking. Ok, we both also love & adore my kids, so that is HUGE! LOL

We have had so much fun this weekend. We took off with the Princess last night & did a little shopping, a lot of laughing & even more talking. We finally fell into bed late last night, but it was worth it. We got up this morning & watched Twilight together, then hung out until Prince Charming got back home. The 4 of us adults took off for a yummy lunch, then decided to pick up something for the kiddos. We came home, dropped off the guys, & headed back out with the Princess for more shopping. We were on a mission, let me tell you! Luckily, mission accomplished (hours upon hours later). LOL We're both exhausted, but I decided today that I wanted my hair frosted, well... that isn't something I can do on my own, so guess who got roped into helping. Yep, you got it, Mom! Can I just say I now remember why I've only done this once before, YIKES, those are tiny little holes she had to pull my hair through. I think she had fun torturing me. ;) (I'll tell ya later if it was all worth it).

Anyway, my whole point to all of this is my mom is one of my greatest friends. We have so much fun together & have always been really close. I love that she has such a great relationship with my kids, esp The Princess. I hope & pray that they remain close always. I love that my mom still teaches me things, even though I've been out of the house for years. Infact, I can now "blanch" something & I know how to cook asparagus!

Anyway, thanks Mom for a great weekend. I love you!

Help Wanted...

I would love your help. I entered Bubby in a "bad haircut" contest. I would love for you to go & vote for him. All you have to do is go & leave a comment. The only catch is that you can't post as anon. Here's the link to his pic. ***clicky***

Here's the link to her blog with the details.

Thanks everyone!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blog Challenge #4

Who taught you a skill that you use often?

I'm not sure if it's necessarily a "skill", but something that has really stuck with me is something my sister taught me. It was a hard lesson she leaned, but one she passed on to me. You see, she had a great friend who ended up "burning" her, big time. My sister was heart broken, mad, hurt, you name it, I'm sure she felt the emotion. So what exactly did she learn & pass on from that nasty situation? She leaned that yes, it's great to have friends, it's even better to have your spouse be your best friend. The one you turn to for any & everything. Your spouse only wants the best for you & won't (hopefully) betray you like a "friend" would.

I've blogged a little about this long ago, but here's a quick recap in case you don't remember. I was great friends with someone for years. I really thought she was my lifeline. We told each other everything, we did everything together. Really, I don't think there was anything we kept from each other. One day, it all came to a screeching halt & our friendship ended. I too was mad, hurt, felt betrayed etc. It has taken me a loooong time to get over the emotional parts of it. I felt completely lost & alone after the fact, I felt like I had no one I could turn to, to talk to, no one I could share the little things with. That's when I remembered what my little (lol) sis had taught me. I had my Prince Charming. He wasn't going anywhere, he was here for me, no matter what. I started sharing the "little" things with him, along with the big. Oh, I'm sure he gets sick of me talking his ear off sometimes (most of the time LOL), but I no longer feel alone. We are much closer & it's been fun sharing the little every day nonsense things with him.

Now, don't get me wrong, I still have my girl friends that I talk to & that I'm close to, & I totally value their friendship. I just no longer put everything into those & "ignore" my BFF that's right here with me.

Thanks Goldfish, for helping put things in perspective for me.

Ok, I just have to say, it's SO much fun having my sis,( who I did NOT get along with when we were growing up), as one of my great friends now. I love that we can chat during the day & keep up with the going ons of each other's daily lives. We talk daily, if not on the phone, definitely through IMing. I love it! Thanks Goldfish!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blog Challenge #3

"Who can you always talk to"...

That's today's question. This one is easy for me to answer. I could actually a few different people, BUT, I'm gonna blog about my good friend Manda. Manda & I haven't known each other very long & our "story" is kind of funny.

We "met" through a message board we both frequent (that's an understatement, but that's okay LOL). I don't remember exactly how it started (hopefully she'll forgive me for that part), but I know it had to do with hair blogs! From there, we started talking & I started "walking her through" some fun hairstyles. The next thing I know, I'm talked into going to her retreat & she's going to be my ride to & from the airport. Next thing I know, she has me convinced I need to go a day early & stay a day later.

I had seen pics of her, but that's it until... I got off the airplane & was standing at the baggage claim thingy. I was on the phone with Prince Charming telling him I had no idea what I was doing or who I was waiting for. I turned around & well, there she was. It was so cool, it was like we were long lost friends, there was none of the awkwardness I thought there would be. We hung out & did the rest of the last minute shopping & "stuff" for the retreat & just had a blast. We talked, we laughed, we ate (she even took me to In & Out!!!). It was such a great weekend & I am so beyond grateful that I got "talked into it". What an incredible friendship that was born.

I don't think more than 1 day has gone by that Manda & I haven't talked, at least once. We talk all the time, sometimes about nothing, other times we'll have big ol heart to hearts. Even though we don't have the same beliefs, or even feel the same about some things, we can tell each other how we feel & respect each other. We have become great friends & I have been so blessed to have her in my life. I love that we can talk about absolutely anything, anytime.

Thanks for being such a great friend Manda!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blog Challenge #2

Who has been your friend as long as you can remember?

That's today's question.

Hmmm, I'm going to say my "oldest" friend has got to be Jodi. She is one of the first "friends" I met when I started a new school. It was a public school, but it was TINY. I started out in 1st grade, but after a week or two, I got moved to 2nd grade. Great, not only was I the new kid in school, I now had to move up a grade, AFTER school started. YIKES! Anyway, Jodi had long dark hair & was tall & so dang cute. We hit it off & became great friends. I will never forget, in 3rd grade, Mrs. Spooner's class, sitting in a circle on the floor & the teacher asking what our dad's did for a living & hearing Jodi's answer. (I'm not going to say what she said then, but well, it's obviously left a lasting impression on me!)LOL I ended up moving & went to a different school (MUCH bigger lol) for 4th grade. After changing from Foster to Arleta, Jodi & I lost touch. I thought of her often, & even knew where she lived, but for whatever reason, we didn't really see each other after that. Fast forward to Middle school. I remember going to some event, (no clue what it was), but running into her. We lost touch again. Now fast forward to high school. Lo & Behold, who was there... my old friend Jodi! Once again, we picked up where we dropped off. It was like nothing had changed. Jodi & I were inseparable during HS. Man we had some fun times. We spent tons of time just hanging out, trying different outfits on & then "posing" for each other to take a pic. We listened to music, we were just your typical teen I guess. We stayed close all through high school & graduation. Not sure what happened after that, I guess we both just got on with our lives. It was years later before we hooked up again, we were both married & had little ones by then. Through out the years, we lost touch & then recently have "found" each other through face book. How much fun it's been seeing her kids all "grown up" & hearing about what she's doing. We're hoping to get together this summer, with some other friends from HS & have a crafty weekend. I can't wait

Monday, March 23, 2009

Blog challenge #1

"Who do you wish was still here with you?" That's the question I'm going to blog about today for this months challenge.

I have a number of people I could write about, but today, I'm going to focus on my Grandma Phelps. I've been thinking about her a lot lately & am beginning to see a completely different side of her than I ever saw when she was alive. You see, she was my mom's mom. She was an incredibly talented seamstress, she was a hard worker, & pretty much raised all of her 7 children as a single mother. I've heard stories about my mom's childhood all my life. I know grandma was a BIG part of my life when I was younger. Unfortunately, I have very few memories of living in Cali. I do remember (vividly) going over to visit & "having" to watch the Lawrence Welk show, watching the bubbles at the end of the show. Anyway, Grandma moved in with us when I was in High School, so most of my memories are from that time, (& let's just say, they aren't all good).

So why are you asking, am I writing about her & wishing she was still here? Well, earlier this week, I was playing around on Face Book & came across a "group" I'm a part of, it's just for relatives & my cousin has posted a number of pictures on there. There were quite a few pics of my mom growing up & pics of my grandma in her "younger" Mommy days. WOW, I have seen her in a totally different light. First off, she was beautiful! Another, she was laughing & happy in most of the pics, like laugh out loud, happiness radiating off of her, happy, that's something else I didn't see often (if at all). I know Grandma had a hard life, I know & have heard stories from my mom & my aunt's, about what life was like for them. It's amazing Grandma did all she did, she really was a strong woman. I wish I would have had the opportunity to get to know a different side of her. I wish I could sit down with her & hear some of her stories, both the good & the bad, so I could really understand her. I know that I could learn so much from her, things that would help me with my own family. I wish I had even a 1/4 of my Grandma's strength. She went through so much in her life, & came out a better, & stronger person because of her trials.

Anyway, I know she loved me (my mom has told me how much she adored me when I was little), but I would love to get a big ol hug from her & hear her tell me, just 1 more time. I would love to sit down with her & tell her how proud I am to be her grand daughter, how much I love & admire her & all she did for her children.

So, now you know who I wish was still here, my Grandma Phelps.

Friday, March 20, 2009

A ballerina is born...

So 2 days ago, I decided I just HAD to have a tutu for the Princess. My friend in NH convinced me I could make one, I then talked to another friend, Lindsay who sent me links that she had used & again, convinced me I could do this. Well, I took off with this wild hair & bought what I needed. I came home, looked in the bag & got scared; Needless to say, I didn't work on it. Yesterday, I decided to face my fear & just DO IT. OMGosh, I am SO glad I did! I completely changed my mind color wise (luckily I bought 4 colors, so this wasn't a big deal). Here is what we came up with...

I LOVE this & even more important, so does she! She calls it her "Tinkerbell Tutu" (because of the colors... it's green & purple). Anyway, she now says "I not a Princess, I a Ballerina"! She loves her new tutu & I had so much fun making it with her. I have enough to make another, I can't wait!

Blog award!

I have 2 good friends that live in my computer. Both of these wonderful ladies awarded me with the coolest Blog Award... "When Life Gives You Lemons" Award. I feel so honored to have been chosen for this.

Here is what Brandi had to say about me & my blog... "I nominate my friend Brynn, who inspires me through her loving posts that always show the affection she has for her faith, her family and her friends." Thanks Brandi!

Here is what Lindsay had to say " Unfortunately I have not met Brynn IRL, but I plan to change that someday. She is extremely kind and generous. Her blog is real and honest...and she is another woman with a very positive outlook on life!. Wow, thanks girls!

The essence of the Lemonade Award:

Post the logo on your blog. check (Thanks Lindsay!)

Nominate blogs that show great attitude or gratitude. check

Link to the nominees within your blog post. check

Notify the recipients of the award by commenting on their blog. will do ASAP

Share the love and link back to the person from whom you received your award. check

I'm going to pass this award on to these two blogger friends: check

Shirlene is my cousin & let me tell you, it has been so much fun getting to know her & her family better. She has such an amazing zest for life, she loves her family & it just shines through. I love that she is so positive, but real. Ok, she also has super cute kids! LOL Anyway, check out her blog ***clicky*** & you too can get to know her.

The next person I'm going to nominate is my friend Mimi. Now, I have known Miriam for years & when we both lived here, we were super close friends. Unfortunately, we both moved away (although I did come back). I miss her so much. She is such a great person. She always finds the good in things. She is very soft spoken, but is also a blast to hang out with. She absolutely amazes me. She has 6 kids & honestly, I think they are the most well behaved, down to earth, humble children I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Mimi is one of the best Mom's I know. She is also very resourceful, they may not have a ton of $, but you would never know they have ever gone without. Their home really is a little "heaven on earth". I so miss having her in my daily life, but we have "reconnected" & I am so grateful for that. I would love to link to her, but she has a private blog (as does Lindsay), so you'll just have to take my word for it that she so deserves this award!

I hope you check out these ladies' great blogs and remember to choose to be thankful for those lemons. (Quote taken from Shirley!)

If you click on Brandi's name, it will take you to her blog. I can't link Mimi or Lindsay, they are both private blogs, sorry.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Blog Challenge...

Yes, I do realize the month is more than 1/2 over. The way I figure it, I only have to do 7 posts for this one, so hey, why not just start now. LOL The challenge this month, (like the last 2) come from my friend Traci, you can find her blog here. She has a jump start on me, & has some good posts up if you have a few minutes, go check hers out. Anyway, here is the challenge & I'll actually post my first post for this later tonight.

This month's challenge is of a different sort. March is Women's History Month. Since we are all women, it seems fitting to have a monthly challenge that honors the special women in our life.

Is there a woman...
Who you wish you spent more time with or talked to more often?
Who inspires you?
Who you can always talk to?
Whose story you're always in awe of?
Who touched your life in a major way?
Who taught you a skill that you use often?
Who you could trust to point out the lettuce stuck in you teeth from lunch?
Who you could invite over to your messiest house?
Who you want to be like when you grow up?
Who made you want to be a mom?
Who you've never met, but always admired?
Who you wish was still here with you?
Who you laugh so hard you cry with?
Who can finish your sentences for you?
Who has been your friend as long as you can remember?
Who you've been greatly encouraged by?
Who you'd love to have a one hour conversation with?

-Pick 7 (get it "lucky number 7?) of the above writing prompts and roll with them. Write 7 meaningful posts about 7 special ladies. If you don't like my prompts feel free to substitute some of your own.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Ok, I just came across this & I swear, it is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Seeing as how I don't sew (sometimes buttons, but not often), I'm giving a shout out to my Mom!

The Princess needs this... & Heaven knows I have TONS of shirts the boys would be willing to "sacrifice" for her. So... what do you think? Are you up for the challenge?

Here is the link with the instructions ***clicky***.

See, isn't it ADORABLE?! I can SO see one of the boy's plaid shirts (think red white & blue) for the sundress for the pageant. OR for the 4th, or for... Oh, the possibilities! Maybe I should just learn to sew... nah, who am I kidding, that isn't going to happen, I'll just let you do this for her! LOL

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another day with the Princess...

So all the kids are in bed asleep & all is right with the world. THEN... we hear... something, something that sounds a lot like little footsteps. PC looks at me & says "One of YOUR kids is up". I asked how he knew it was one of "mine", (cause I'm thinkin at this point, they're HIS) He laughs & says "Cause MINE have been in bed asleep for hours". Fine, I'LL go check to see who is up. As I'm walking up the stairs, I see a little body run past me, she runs from Bonez's room all the way to hers (like I can't see her LOL). I walk in just as she's jumping into her bed. I take her by the hand & walk her to my office (I don't say a word). I grab my camera, go out to the hall & THIS is what I snapped...

OMGosh, I'm trying so hard not to laugh. I ask her what happened to her jammies, she runs over & gives me a big hug & says in her sweetest little voice "My nammies were buggin me". I'm seriously holding it in, I'm about to start laughing, it's hilarious! I promptly took her back to her room & got her all tucked in (again).

As I'm walking out of her room, I decide I better look to see how much damage she did in her closet. Well... her "nammies" that I had put on her were back in the jammie drawer, I open her pants drawer & well, let's just say that it's pretty obvious she had been having a fashion show! She had been keeping busy by trying on a bunch of her clothes!!!

She has been so darn independent lately, it cracks me up. I am not "allowed" to do anything for her, SHE has to get herself dressed, SHE has to brush her teeth (although I do get to "rebrush" them after), I remember this stage with the boys & I love it. I'm a little sad that my baby is growing up, but she is SO much fun!

Anyone that knows me knows how hard it is for me to see her dressed like she is right now, but I want you all to know... that YES, I let her keep her outfit on & that is now what she is sleeping in!

Stay tuned for more adventures of the Princess!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Shout out...

Ok, I HAVE to put this out there... you see, I am needing a tutu for the Princess. Yes, I think they are darling, BUT that's not why I NEED one. Roo is going to be in a pageant for the high school & the last I heard, she was going to be a ballerina for part of it & will need a cute tutu. This one right here would be PERFECT! (Ok, any color would be perfect, she just needs one). Anyway, I SO want to win this for her.

Go check out Devri's blog, she makes me laugh.

Another Princess funny...

To keep with the last posts topic...

So, we're getting ready to leave today, Roo farts & then says (with a shocked expression on her face) "Oops, that was my butt"... OMGosh, I laughed so hard!

She seems to have a hard time telling the difference between the "2", I'm thinking we may have just figured out why so many accidents lately! Hmmm, now if I could just figure out how to teach her the difference...

Anyway, just thought I would give you a laugh.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mystery solved!

Ok, I didn't find this very funny, BUT, a good friend of mine told me I needed to write this down to remember it. She (& her hubby) are probably STILL laughing at this., they both found it hilarious.  Yeah, whatever!

So... here's my story...

  Lately we've been having problems with the Princess having "yucky" accidents.  (Personally, I don't think they're accidents as much as "I don't want to stop playing just to go potty").  Anyway,  today was more of the same, I found her in her room playing with her "people" & yep, sure enough, I was going to have the pleasure of dealing with a MESS.  GRRRRR (it's a DANG good thing she's cute!).  So, into the bathroom we go to start the "process". I don't want to deal with the panties right then, so I leave them hanging in the toilet bowl & I'll finish cleaning them out later.

Fast forward to "later".  I can't find the panties!  Seriously, they aren't hanging where I left them.  Now, I KNOW I didn't clean them up.  I KNOW I left them hanging.  I specifically remember leaving them there when I walked out of the bathroom.  Hmmm, Prince Charming is the only other one to use the master bath, & he hasn't even been upstairs, so nope, he didn't do anything with them (yeah, I know, like he would anyway).  Ok, whatever, I'll deal with that later, I'm sure I'll end up finding them somewhere.  

I start cleaning up my latest project & decided it was time to dump the trash from my bathroom.  What do I find on the top on the garbage?  A BUNCH of wipes.  Hmmm, now this is getting interesting!  I KNOW *I* didn't do anything with them.  I can pretty much guarantee the boys didn't do anything with them (that would be way too close to cleaning for them).  Again, PC hasn't been upstairs, that leaves only 1 other person!  THE PRINCESS!!! So, at this point, I think I have a pretty darn good idea where her panties ended up!  I go into her room (cause even though she's in bed & has been put there no less than 4 times already) I know she's still up.  I ask her if she had the wipes out, yep.  I then decide (even though I REALLY don't want to know the answer to this next one) to ask "Roo, did you flush your panties down the toilet?"  "Uh huh" (with smile on her face).  You see, she has seen me wash them out & so she thought she would "help" & do it herself this time.

GRRRR  Guess next time she watches me do that part, I should make her watch me TAKE THEM OUT OF THE TOILET & PUT THEM IN THE WASHING MACHINE!!!  Holy Freakin Cow, a lightbulb just went off then.  You see, we've been missing a few pair of panties, I have accused Prince Charming I don't know how many times of flushing them down the toilet, he kept assuring me he knows better & wouldn't do that.  Well, I just figured I was completely losing it & decided that I had somehow "blocked out" what I did & somehow put them in the washer without remembering.  Yet, at the same time, I knew her panty pile had been diminishing, so I kept buying more.  UGH, the Princess has been flushing her panties down the toilet!!!  AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!  I love this little girl, I love this little girl, I love this little girl... (I have to keep reminding myself of that)  I know she'll out grow this stage, but holy cow, I'm not sure we're going to survive it in the mean time!

Anyway, I was pretty frustrated & was "venting" to Jenn, SHE thought it was hilarious & then had to fill in Chad when he got home, they BOTH we're laughing so hard.  Ummm, *I* didn't find it that funny, but I'm glad I provided them with their nightly entertainment!

I guess the good news is, I'm not really losing my mind & blocking things out!  I also feel good (kind of) about solving the missing panties mystery all by myself without having to even mention any of this to PC.  Shhh, it's our little secret, don't tell him what his little angel has been up to!

I'm going out tomorrow to pick up a few things, guess I need to add Princess Panties to the list.  

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dress giveaway...

Ok, I'll try to "ease up" on the giveaway posts, BUT, I HAD to blog about this one.  You see, my little Princess is going to be in a little "Pageant" in April & the giveaway dress would be PERFECT.  (I promise to fill you in on the whole "pageant" thing shortly", but seriously, I've been on the lookout for the perfect dress & this would be it!

Head on over to ***this*** blog to get the details & to see the dress.  Heck, spend some time looking around her site, not only does she have some gorgeous dresses, she has great bows to match!  Look, 1 stop shopping, & you don't even have to leave your couch to do it!  How great is that?!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This is just too funny not to share.  So I'm sitting here at the computer reading a friend's blog.  The Princess wants to show me that "someone" was playing with the vacuum, I ask who did it & this is the convo that followed...

Her: "Mommy, look at dis..."
Me: "Who did that?"
Her: "Ummm, Bubby did"
Me: "Bubby!"
Her: (hands cupped over her little mouth) "BUBBY!"
Her: hand out, palm to me (like STOP) "Wait right here, I get him"
Her: (walking back in family room) "Ugh, he can't hear me!"

At this point, I was laughing SO hard!

A few seconds later, she tells me she wants to watch a moobie, I told her to go get Mermaid up from Bonez' room, as she's walking away she says "It's Bubby's room, NOT B's room!". (Ummm, okay, but really, it's both since they share a room, but we won't tell her that part!)

I'm tellin ya, this little girl, cracks us up daily!  SOO funny!

Yet another Giveaway...

Can you tell I love these things?!  Yes, I frequent a number of "hair" blogs.  This one is one I visit on a daily basis.  She has some super fun ideas, unfortunately, her Princess has LOTS more hair than mine does.  But ya know something, I've become the master at making do's I find "mine".  I love to see a hairdo & then tweak it so it will work on the Princess.  We have so much fun playing with her hair every morning.  Anyway, here is the blog I found the giveaway on ***clicky***.  Here is the site she's doing the giveaway from ***clicky***.  Go check them out.  I'm going to order some fun things for Roo even if I don't win (although, I would LOVE to), she has some great things on there.

Anyway, I'm not sure what you're waiting for, there isn't anything else to see here! LOL

I'll be back with a "real" post later today, I just wanted to share this because I was so excited about it.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm so beyond ready!

To have my hubby back home where he belongs!  He has been gone since Thursday & boy am I ready to have another adult in this house.  According to Bonez, "It isn't any fun when Dad isn't here, all us kids do is argue."  Uh yeah, but I don't see how that changes when he IS here!!!  Dad did get a kick out of that statement though.

Things could have been much worse, honestly, things went pretty smooth, but I still want him home with us.  

So where did he go you want to know?  Well, he's been in Vegas playing in a paintball tourney. So, how did they do you ask?  They took 3 teams & ... ALL 3 TEAMS TOOK 1ST!!!  In other words, they did GREAT!!!  I've talked to him a few times & he's been exhausted, but said they had a blast. We're not sure when or where the next tourney is going to be, there is rumor about both Michigan & Utah... we'll have to wait & see (although, I have friends in both depending on where they play).  I'm glad he got to go & even more so that they were so successful.  He was supposed to go last year to Georgia, but it was around the same time as the retreat I went on, so he stayed home & let me go.  This was his chance & we're both glad he made it.

Oh, & to finish off his great looong weekend, he got invited to go to the Laker/Blazer game tonight in Portland.  Now we just have to hope he can make it home safely.  Luckily there are a bunch of them driving over the pass "together", so I'm feeling much better about that.

If I don't post for a few days, it's because we're trying to get back into "normal" mode.  Wish us luck!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another giveaway

I found this on accident, but it's too good not to share.

Ok, I was "given" some $ & was told it HAD to be spent just on me.  I don't know how many of you have the same problem as I do, but I really struggle spending $ on myself.  I have been trying to figure out what it is I want to get, I THINK I finally figured it out.  I want a "mom's necklace". It's something I would wear all the time, something "different", but something cool too.  I have been spending lots of time on Etsy lately looking for just the perfect thing.  I think I finally found it today.  Here is the one I'm seriously thinking about, what do you think... ***clicky***.  

As I was looking, I came across a pretty cool blog, who just so happened to be having a giveaway for a $20 gift certificate to this Etsy seller.  How cool is that?!  Here is the giveaway blog.

Let me know what you think about the necklace, I'm lovin it, but am always up for suggestions too.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bragging rights!

Ok, I thought about posting this yesterday, but decided against it.  Tonight, I read a friends blog & she was talking about her son's parent teacher conference & well, I decided I too would "brag" about my kids.  Heck, it's my blog, I should be able to talk about anything I want on here right?! LOL

Anyway, before Prince Charming left town yesterday, we headed to conferences for the younger 2 boys.  C-Man's was first & well, let's just say, that kid is SMART, not just smart, but like super smart!  Seriously!  He didn't just meet benchmarks, he totally EXCEEDED them... in EVERY subject!  He tested so high in 1 subject the first time around (state testing) he doesn't have to take the test again, the teacher said there is no reason to have him take it, he can't get any higher than he already did!!!  How cool is that?!  Yeah, he was beyond excited about that too. LOL  His teacher was saying that in 1 "thread" of science testing, he had super high scores & the funny thing is, they haven't even covered that material yet!!!  Holy cow, see, I told you he was smart!  The funny thing with C-Man is that he does NOT want to be known as the "smart" kid, he tries very hard to "protect" that so people don't see it.  He wants to be known as the "funny" guy,  he succeeds in that too.  His student teacher was telling us how much fun it is having him in class, he constantly has them giggling & laughing with his quick wit & sarcasm.  Both teachers were quick to reassure us that he is NEVER disrespectful, he knows when it's appropriate to be funny.  (Good thing too)!  

Ok, next up was Bubby.  Now, his teacher, we know very well, she was Bonez' teacher for 1st & 2nd grade, she would have had C-Man had we not moved & well, if things go as I would like, she'll have the Princess too.  Yep, we LOVE Mrs. W!  Anyway, to say that Bubs is impatient & competitive is a MAJOR understatement, so yeah, I tend to get a little nervous talking to the teachers!  Well, he too is doing WONDERFUL!  He's also above benchmarks in everything & doing great.  He is challenging himself to not "shout out", which is a HUGE step for him & something she said he is doing great with.  Bubby loves to learn & is challenging himself to always do better, he uses his competitiveness to push himself harder, which is good for him.

Even though we didn't have conferences with Bonez, we did find out his grades.  He too is doing great.  All A's & 1 B.  Not bad considering he just missed a full week of school because he was sick & he had VERY little (like 1 page was all) of "make up" work.  The class he is getting a B in is his hardest class & everything they do is in class, so it's hard to make up what is missed.

Anyway, I'm extremely proud of all 3 boys, it's nice to know that they are all doing so well, esp with their busy schedules.  (Although, they all know if grades slip, the first thing taken away is the "fun, extras" they so enjoy).

Ok, that's all my bragging for tonight.  Thanks for reading!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My questions from Michelle...

My friend ArlaMo had something like this on her blog, she had to answer 5 questions & then I told her I would be willing to answer 5 that she "hand picked" for me.  It took me a while, but since I couldn't sleep tonight, figured I would finish these up.  If  you would like 5 questions of your own, let me know & I'll come up with some for you.

1. If you could have lunch with three people, living or dead, whom would you choose and why?

I've had the hardest time with this question, trying to narrow it down to 3 is almost impossible.  I'm ready to give it a try though.  Let's see, the 1st would be Missy Tate, Missy was my BF in college & boy did we have some fun!  Unfortunately, we lost touch over the years & I have NO idea where she is.   Yes, I tried finding her, but haven't had any luck.  Anyway, I would love to sit down & catch up with her.  I think of her often & wonder where her life took her.  I  would love to hear her southern accent again, boy do I miss that! 

 Next up would probably be my biological grandpa, my dad's  bio dad.  I never had the chance of meeting him; we did exchange letters a few times when I was a teen, but that's about it.  I have so many questions I would love to have answered, like why he always treated my dad the way he did, did he try to hurt him on purpose, or did he just not "get it".  I would love to know that he really did love my dad & his siblings & also his grandchildren.  I would ask if he was happy with the way his life turned out, I really, honestly hope he was & would be able to answer me that way.

Hmmm, the 3rd, well, I'm going to cheat & choose 2 more, 1 would be my grandpa Mickey.  I would love to see his silly smile again, to hear his laugh just 1 more time, to tell him I love him.  Oh, I have plenty of questions for him too, I'm sure he would be squirmin in his seat (okay, probably not, he would smile that smile of his & I would forget all about my "mean" questions).  I would ask about his on again, off again (on again, off again) relationship with my grandma, I would ask about his life & why he made some of the decisions he made.  Man I miss him, he could always make us laugh "Hey Bocki", remember that Goldfish, & his silly little wave with his hand at his chin as we drove away? 

Ok, last one, I would want to sit down with Prince Charming's brother Bryan.  I would love the chance to say goodbye to him, to tell him how much he has made a difference in my life & in the lives of so many others.  For my lunch with Bry, I wouldn't want to be alone, I would want PC there with us, they were best friends & I know how much PC misses his "little" brother.  I would also insist on my kids being there.  I so wish they had more memories of their great uncle.  I know Bonez & C-Man remember him, but Bubby was so little when he died & the Princess never did get to meet him.  Anyway, he was an amazing guy & is loved & missed so very very much!  

2. I'm always interested to talk to other moms with lots of boys. I was a very girly girl, so having five boys was a bit overwhelming. I always wonder if I'm doing all the right things for them. I know your daughter is still pretty young, but do you find parenting boys or your daughter easier?

My boys are easier, hands down! I "expect" them to be roudy, loud, outgoing "crazy". I did NOT expect that with my Princess. I too was super girly, so the 3 boys threw me for a loop. BUT, at the same time, I have always loved sports, they were such a major part of my childhood, I can't imagine not having a house full of sporty boys. Now, don't get me wrong, girls can & do play sports, but to me, it's just not the same. 

When the Princess was around 1 year, we totally noticed the drama with her. OMGosh, we can't turn it off! We didn't ever get that with the boys. None of my boys were ever temper tantrum throwers, but man, she more than makes up for that, let me tell you. 

She is extremely girly, so I've been loving that, she loves to dress up & of course, have her hair done, but she also isn't afraid to play with the boys outside, or wrestle around with them. She's also my LOUD one. (Ok, guess she doesn't have much choice in that one if she wants to be heard). LOL My Hubby & I laugh that Heavenly Father definitely knows what we can handle, that's why I only have 1 girl! Don't get me wrong, I waited a long time for the Princess & wouldn't change her for the world, NOTHING compares to a little girl, I also just know that 1 is enough for me thankyouverymuch! ;)

3. You have five minutes to pack up and leave your house, forever. What goes and what stays? (We will assume that your DH and children are a given.)

Hmmm, well, my computer goes (at least my ex hard drive), as does my albums, that is stuff that can't be replaced.  I would also grab a set of scriptures (although, right now, I have 2 sets in my car, so we would be covered).  Other than my car keys & purse, I think the only other thing I would "have" to have would be clothes & of course, bows for the Princess! (I'm kidding of course).  I'm sure Bonez would be grabbing Izzi, I can't imagine he would be willing to leave behind his iguana.
Wow, funny how we think we "have" to have everything, here I am thinking about it & ya know, I could live without all the "extras" if I had too.   As long as I had my family with me, it would be okay.

4. Who has been the most inspirational non-relative in your life? What two or three life-changing things did you learn from that person?

This one is easy, hands down, Leeann. She has been a 2nd mom to me ever since the day I had Bonez. She is the one I can call for any kind of advice, anything from cooking questions, to child rearing, to scripture references. She's the one I can & do call when something is going wrong, or when I'm super excited about something & need to share. She is always there for me, no matter what. Let's see, 2 or 3 life changing things, hmmm, well, the most recent was when I was put in a "weird" situation with a friend. I was really struggling, I knew what I wanted to say to my friend, but didn't feel comfortable saying it. We have different beliefs & I knew that was playing into how I felt. I also knew my friend didn't feel the same way, or believe the same things. I struggled giving advice & being supportive. I called Leeann & talked it all out with her. Her "advice" to me was something about how right is right & wrong is wrong, no matter what the religious background is. Somethings really are black or white. She reminded me that *I* wouldn't feel good with myself if years (or months) down the line, the friend realized what a mistake she had made & I didn't say something then, when I was asked & had the chance. Leeann is always the one to tell me to be honest, not only with others, but with myself. That isn't always easy for me to do, I HATE confrontation of any kind. Leeann likes me to come to my own conclusion when I approach her with something, rarely does she tell me what to do, she gives guidance, but knows that I will learn better when it's MY idea. She told me last month that if she could be "proud" of something/someone, it would be me. She has seen me grown more in the last year than in the 13 years we've known each other. I was in tears by the time we hung up, I felt so loved & special. I know I've really grown up in the last year because of some things that I've been forced to go through, it was nice to know that someone else noticed it as well.

As a disclaimer, I don't want it to sound like Leeann has taken the place of my mom, she hasn't, at all, I'm extremely close to my mom & talk to her almost daily. I feel so blessed to be able to have 2 wonderful women to look up to & learn from. I love them both more than they will ever know.

5. What is the most meaningful gift you have received and why?

This question has me stumped, I've thought about it ever since Michelle sent me my questions.  Ya know,  I still don't have an answer.   I think I want to say, my membership in the Church.  It's because of the Gospel, that I am who I am.  I can't imagine where I would be without my testimony.  I love the fact that because of that, I am able to be sealed for time & eternity to my family.  I have the values I have today because of what I know to be true, because of the things I have been taught my entire life.  I love that I am able to give the same "gift" to my own children.  I love that PC & I are in this together, that we do have the same "guidelines", the same values & morals, that we both have strong testimonies.   So yeah, my most meaningful gift would be the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yes, I know I kind of "cheated" on the last question, I rolled so much into 1, but it really does all have to do with my membership in the Church!