Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm alive!!!

Yes, I know it's been a while, sorry. We had a good summer, the Princess & I took a few trips to Ptld to see Nammy & Papa, but other than those, we stayed pretty close to home. We all enjoyed our time in the pool & just hanging out with friends. I don't think there were more than 3 days total when we didn't have "extras" hanging out with us. We had tons of laughs & made some good memories.

Today is the day we (ok, *I*) have been looking forward to... the 1st day of school!!! I love having the kids home, but at the same time, I love the schedule we have to be on during school. I love the early bedtimes, the structure we have back in our days. I love being able to work in the classrooms.

We did our "traditional" Father's Blessings last night with the boys after we had a nice BBQ in the backyard. All 4 kiddos were in bed by 8:30 (we're going for earlier tonight) & this morning was nice & easy. It's so hard for me to believe Bonez is an 8th grader & C-Man is starting 6th. Where has the time gone? How can they all be getting older when I'm not?

I made the boys stand by "the tree" this morning before catching the bus, unfortunately, the sun was in their eyes, so the pics aren't the best, but oh well, at least I got them!

Funny thing about Bubby... since he doesn't attend the neighborhood school, I have to take him every morning. I knew I would want to walk him in today, so after the other 2 left for the bus, I jumped in the shower to get myself ready (Heaven forbid I show up without a shower first lol). I got all done & was doing Roo's hair after her shower & the next thing I knew, it was 8:48. HOLY COW, school starts at 8:50!!! Yep, Bubby was "late" on the first day of school!!! Luckily, I found a semi close parking spot & we ran in. Turns out, he has a sub today, his teacher had an emergency of some kind & couldn't make it. I know Bubs was disappointed about that, but I'm hoping he has a good day anyway!

Ok, here are a few of the pics I snapped before they all took off.

I had to force them to let me take one of them together lol:
Bonez, 8th grade:
C-Man, 6th grade:
Bubby, 2nd grade:

The Princess & I are loving the nice, quiet, clean house, but I'm excited for the boys to get home so I can hear all about their days. It's days like this that I LOVE being a stay at home mom!!! I wouldn't want to miss this for anything in the world! I have the best job ever! (remind me of this in a month or so when I'm sick of getting up so early).

Ok, I have to tell this funny story real quick... so C-Man's teacher from last year is a HUGE Celtics fan, C, of course, is NOT. This was a major "thing" for them last year, anyway, when the Lakers won the Championship, C announced then & there, that on the first day of school, he was going "All Laker" & then was going to walk into Mrs. W's class to "just say hi & rub it in". Well, he kept his word & wore Laker clothes, including his shoes! He's going with me to pick up Bub's today so he can go see her. Funny kid!!!


CloverGirl said...

Way to go, Brynn -- make the poor kid late just because you wanted to look good. LOL!!!!!

I also LOVE the structure of the school year and am glad it's back in session. I hope the boys all had wonderful days!