Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm back!!!

Ok, I know, I know, it's been FOREVER, sorry! I've been keeping up with everyone on Facebook & have let this go by the way side, sorry. BUT, I'm back.

We are doing something we have never done before, & well, since it's such a big deal for us, decided I would blog about it so you can live vicariously through us. Ok, not really, I'm actually doing this so that I will have a record of everything that we did. So, what are we doing you ask? We are going on our first ever, FAMILY VACATION!!! Now, let me explain... we HAVE gone away as a family before, quite a few times actually, BUT, we don't really count those, because they were always tied into some kind of sporting event. When the boys played hockey, we traveled constantly, & yep, we all went as a family, but the entire weekend revolved around & was spent at the rink. Basketball, softball, same thing. This is really the first time we have ever gone away, all 6 of us, just because.

Where are we headed? Well... right now (yep, even as I type since I'm IN the car on the laptop) we're headed to Southern Cali! We will be gone 12 days & let me tell you... every day is PACKED!!! According to my friend... "this is the most planned vacation ever!" LOL Yeah, she's probably right! We will get to see my dad's family tomorrow, we'll be staying in the city Mike & I are both from & will get to show the kids all the cool places Daddy hung out (& got in trouble). We'll get to spend some time at the beach, I'm getting my very first pedi ever by my aunt. The boys get to go to the Laker game Sun night (watch for them on TV). ;) while the Princess & I will be hanging out at the hotel. We'll be doing Disney for 3 days, Universal Studios 2 days, 1 day at both Sea World & The San Diego Zoo. Yep, told you it was going to be jammed packed! We are SO excited!!!

Ok, I think that's about it for now, esp since I don't have any pics to add yet, but keep coming back, I'll definitely be posting tons in the week to come!

Have a great one everyone & I'll see ya later!


Shirlene said...

So excited about your trip. Wow, 12 days! What a blast! Hope you have an amazing time. I'm very envious!!!:) We're not big family vacationers, either. Last time we really took a trip, by ourselves, just for the heck of it, was 6 years ago. Shame! So enjoy!
So glad you're back blogging. Don't hold your breath, but I need to post, too. My in -laws just left for Africa on their 2nd mission. They made us all promise we'd keep on our blogs so they knew what was going on back in UT.