Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Family Fun Day...

Ok, so since this was the first wknd in a long time that we had NO plans, I had a bright idea & was bound & determined to see it out (even if the kids did complain). Friday night, we had family movie night & watched Avatar. (Ok, I honestly didn't care about that part, it was Saturday that I got to plan).

My "bright idea" was to go on a hike & have a picnic lunch at Tumalo Falls. Prince Charming & I went & bought "special" picnic food & we were SO excited (ok, *I* was excited). We got up on Sat & started getting ready. I would love to say that the boys were as excited as I was, & that they were ready to walk out the door long before me. Well, that would just be a HUGE lie! Instead... they "convinced" Prince Charming (while I was in the shower) that it would be WAY more fun to go bowling at the fun center. Yeah, whatever! We ended up compromising & this is what we came up with...

We ended up (after finding out that Tumalo Falls was still closed for the winter), having our lunch on the river at Shevlin Park. Let's just say that the boys must have paid Mother Nature to be on their side because it was COLD!!! We had a quick lunch & then the boys decided to have a "Pinecone war". Who would have ever thought that would be SO much fun?! LOL We all went "exploring" after that & got some great pics.

We had SO much fun hanging out, but since it was so cold, (& C-Man fell in the river & was all wet & dirty lol) we decided to head into town. We headed for Sun Mountain Fun Center to go bowling. Once again, (I was in the bathroom with the Princess) the boys convinced Daddy that it would be OH SO MUCH FUN to ride the go carts instead of bowling. LOL Yep, that's what we did & ya know something, they were right, we had a BLAST!!! After the go carts, we got slurpees from 7-11 & came back home. It was an absolutely PERFECT day, in every way! (Ok, Prince Charming & I went shopping & he once again, spoiled me rotten, so of course, it was a perfect ending!).

I can't wait for our next family fun weekend, I love my family, they are so much fun!!!