Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Birthday Cake...

Ok, I promised my sister I would post a pic, so Goldfish, this is for you!

A very good friend took me out to lunch Monday for my b day, Red Robin, my fav!  After spending a couple of hours enjoying the sunshine & good company, I was dropped off back here at home.  Prince Charming tells me that another good friend had dropped something off for me & it was in the fridge.  Hmmm, okay... I see a small white box on the top shelf, so of course, I had to open it to see what the heck it could be.  OMGosh,  it was the smallest, cutest (size wise), most beautiful cake I had ever seen.  I promptly called her up to thank her & to tell her I couldn't eat it, it was too pretty!

 She told me she had ordered my very favorite cake & it was just for ME!  Ok, at this point, I'm jumping up & down, I was SO excited!!!  I still wasn't totally convinced I could eat it, but told her I appreciated it anyway.

After dinner, I made rice krispy treats for the rest of the family & I decided I was going to dig into my cake.  OMGosh, I think I had died & gone to Heaven, this cake was the BEST!  It was so incredibly yummy, I had to call my friend back & thank her again!

You see, not only was it the best cake I had ever tasted, but I believe it's the 1st b day cake that I've had FOR ME since I got married.  (I know Prince Charming has bought me ice cream cakes before, but I don't remember them being for my bday...).  Anyway, it really meant a lot to me that she went to the trouble of getting it & even remembering my favorite kind!  Thanks Sandi, you're the best!

Oh, yes, I still have a little left , I think I may go have another little slice.


mimi said...

What a thoughtful friend!:)Mmmmmm.....It looks DELICIOUS! ...I'm so glad you were able to enjoy something special just for you:)!

CloverGirl said...

It looks YUMMY!!!

1boy4girls said...

Did you save me some? That looks amazing! I'm glad that you had a great day. Aren't good friends the best?