Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthday season comes to an end...

Yesterday was C-Man's 11th birthday & that marks the end of what we lovingly call Birthday Season here at our house.  We celebrate 4 out of our 6 b days within 6 weeks, then if you add in my parents & my sister, oh, & Prince Charming's dad, that's 8 b days!  I'm about all partied out at this point, (well, will be after Saturday's family party anyway). 
C-Man's day didn't start out like it normally does on a b day & of course I felt so bad & kept apologizing (& he kept rolling his eyes at me).  I get a mylar b day balloon the night before each child's b day, then sneak & put it by their bed so it's the first thing they see when they wake in the morning.  I went & bought him the balloon & because it was early in the day, I kept it in my car (NOT a good idea).  I went to get it out that night after he was asleep.  Well... let's just say, there wasn't much "air" left in it at that point!  I felt so bad, but C was cool, his response to me was "Mom, it's a balloon, it doesn't matter, the important this is I got the candy tied to the bottom, that's all that matters".  Well alrighty then! LOL

So, after school, the partying began.  The boys started out playing basketball outside, then we packed them all up & headed to a friend's house to use their indoor court.  The boys had a BLAST!  Thanks J & K!

Next up, was cake & ice cream time (we had a couple of boys that had to leave early, so we cut the hoops short)

followed by presents.

After their fill of the "good stuff", they headed back outside for more basketball.

Once all the boys had left, we had a super yummy dinner that was requested by the b day boy (steaks, rice, corn, & jello).  We finally decided to let him "out of his misery" & told him he could open his gifts from us.

No, I don't normally give my kids a package of cookies as a b day gift, but he literally BEGGED for a pkg that he wouldn't have to share. If asked what he wanted for his b day, he ALWAYS said "my own pack of Oreos". How could I not get them LOL
His "BIG" gift from us this year was a Fathead, he picked it out, but had NO idea it was had been delivered. I was sneaky & told him it wouldn't be here until AFTER his b day. Daddy, when asked about it, told him he knew nothing about it & didn't order it because he didn't know that's what he wanted. I think C was a little nervous hee hee!

All in all, it was a great day & he was happy, that's all that matters!
Here's a pic of my & my birthday boy.

 C, I want you to know how much I love you. I am so proud of you, of the friends you choose, the good choices you make & of the wonderful person you are. You will forever be "MY" boy & I love you!


CloverGirl said...

I DID check your blog this morning, but this wasn't here yet. You should get up earlier. LOL!

I'm glad C had such a great birthday!!

mimi said...

Happy Birthday C !!!:)
Wow !it looks like you made it very special for him Brenda!