Friday, June 26, 2009

Little Dribbler's Camp

This was a BIG week for Bubby, he got to go to his very first camp & boy was he EXCITED!!! Last week, the older 2 went to a basketball camp put on by the high school they will be attending eventually, Bubs was SO bummed that he wasn't old enough to go. The last day of camp, the boys were handed a flyer for a Little Dribbler's camp for younger kids starting this week. Of course, D just "HAD" to go. I won't go into all of the details, but... Bubby now has the nick name of "Kobe". He was the youngest (or one of) at the camp, it was for 2nd -5th graders. They did all sorts of fun games, dribbling relays, scrimmages, Bump, etc.

Last day of camp, he was put "up" to play against/with the oldest kids in camp in their scrimmage, he TOTALLY rocked... here is he going in for a lay up & yep, he scored!

Dribbling relays...

The coaches gave out a "Gatorade Award" for the "winner" of each day's contest. Bubby came home after the first day (none awarded that day) bound & determined he would win the following day.  He was so cute, once the weather cooled down a bit, he was outside practicing hard, working on both shooting & dribbling.  The first "contest" was for dribbling. I ended up showing up just as they were wrapping up for the day & they were announcing the winners (1 for each age group), well, Bubby was the winner!!! The funny thing is... they all call him KOBE! The kids were told each day, what the following contest would be.  When he found out it would be Free Throws, he stayed outside long after bedtime practicing, "Mom, just let me make 10 in a row, then I'll come in... Coach said we have to practice..."  (I let him get to 5 in a row, then made him came in cause Coach ALSO told them to get a good night sleep!)  So, we go back for the next day of camp & today's contest was "Free Throws". Well, once again, Bubby came out on top. Not only that, he made it to the championship round & was the ONLY one to make 10/10!!! The next best was 8/10 & that was one of the older boys. It was SO cute, when they called his name, they called him Kobe again & the kids started chanting. HILARIOUS! His grin lit up the entire gym! Ok, so fast forward to the last day of camp... the last contest was to be the winner of "BUMP". Once again, he won the entire thing & got to bring home a Gatorade!

Getting his "Gatorade" on the last day...

Coming off the court with his Gatorade, his candy & his big fat lip!

Bubby liked to get to camp early, so he could shoot around before camp actually started. Yesterday, he, & some of the others that were there, decided to "practice" Bump before the big "contest". BOTH games that I watched, not only did Bubby win, but he knocked out the coach!!! He later told me that when they were actually playing (contest), he was the ONLY camper left, so it was him & all the counselors!!! Yeah, he obviously got to bring home the Gatorade for that one!

Camp is now over, but the memories he has (even though it's "just" a daycamp") will stay with him. I am so glad we found out about this & were able to get him in. I think it will be a high light of his entire summer! I hope he continues to LOVE & enjoy the sport, he has some real talent & I would love to see him improve his "moves". Bubby has that total competitive drive that makes him a "force to be reckoned with" both on & off the court. He is so much fun to watch, & I can't wait to see where it takes him. I love you Bubs & am so proud of you, you set a goal & worked hard to achieve that. CONGRATS my little "Kobe"!


mimi said...

Congratulations B!!!
You have some Awesome athletes Brenda!:)

RockMyFriday!com said...

How fun! That is so cool that he was able to play with the older boys too. I love the pic with his gatorade and fat lip...boys:)