Saturday, February 21, 2009

Love post #13

I love my wedding ring. Ok, you're probably wondering why the heck I'm posting about something as silly as a ring right? Well let me tell you why I'm choosing that "love" today.

I had to take my ring off when I was pregnant with the Princess (nothing unusual) BUT right after I had her, I decided I wanted to wear it again. Now, in my mind, I KNEW my hands were still swollen. Did that stop me from forcing it on? NOPE! Long story short, it was cutting off circulation & I tried everything I could possibly think of (& google) to get it off. It would NOT budge. I didn't have any other choice, I called Prince Charming at work in tears & told him it was stuck. We then (ok, after he got done laughing at me) decided I needed to go have it cut off. I went to a jeweler right by my house & had them cut it off. I cried & was so embarrassed, they were great about it & told me it happens all the time (think they were just trying to make me feel better?!). Anyway, we had every intention of getting my ring fixed, but never had the $ to spend on it. It has sat in my curio cabinet in it's safe spot for almost 3 years now.

When Prince Charming told me what he planned on getting me for V day, he said since there had been a change of plans, I could decide what it was I got. I told him I wanted my ring fixed. We went down that day to the same place he bought it & dropped it off. It was going to cost more than we originally thought, but it would so be worth it.

Well, after having to go another week without my beautiful (but VERY dirty) ring, we got to go pick it up today. Can I tell you how excited I am? I have always loved my ring, (there is a story behind it, but I'll save that for another day) but today, I think I fell in love with it all over again! I can't stop looking at it, it's so pretty & so sparkley. Even the Princess said when I walked in, "Cool ring Mommy", & Bubby came to take a look & said "Wow, it's shiny". Too cute!

Anyway, I'm lovin my ring & all that it stands for. I told Prince Charming today that we're finally "married again". He laughed, pointed at his hand & said "well, 1/2 way anyway". We promptly "found" his ring when we got home & his is now right where it should be, on his hand! We really are married now! LOL (Ok, we were before, but now we LOOK married)!


Cathy said...

Your ring is beautiful. It reminds me a lot of my own wedding ring.

mimi said...

Very pretty!!! You are sentimental like me huh! I'm so glad you have it back on your finger. I bet that is a great feeling.
Unfortunately I won't be able to wear mine for awhile yet. It's a bit small at this point LOL...

McKay Family said...

Very pretty! I love my rings too...maybe I should post about them. After Amelia, I couldn't wear them of the other...and on bad days I couldn't wear either of hands were totally different after her pregnancy! When we went to St. Thomas in September, I knew we were going to replace my band and have the engagement ring fixed and sized. Now, I can wear both rings and I love them!

ArlaMo said...

Goreous ring!! And is so similar to mine...which was lost when I had to have surgery on my hand almost 11 years ago.