Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love post #5

Today was easy to find "love". It is FREEZING outside, cold & snowy. Perfect day to have a fire going & stay warm & cuddly inside. I was talking to a friend yesterday that kept telling me she was cold. Ok, I know I'm always cold, but seriously, I think she's cold if the temps dip below 90! LOL Anyway, I told her if she was that cold, go turn the fireplace on. She laughed & said it wasn't that easy, there wasn't a switch to flip, she would actually have to go build a fire etc.

Today, as I was freezing, it was so nice to go "flip a switch" & have a nice warm, cozy fire going. Man I love my switch!

I know some people don't think it's really a fire unless it's a "real" fire, but let me tell you, after our first house & our wood burning stove, I swore I would NEVER EVER have that headache again. I HATED that thing! I won't get into my nightmare story, (about how I could have burned our house down, or how I cracked the stupid glass door, not once, but twice) but let me tell you, that is 1 thing, I will NOT compromise on when it comes to a house! It's a "switch" fireplace for me, or NOTHING!

Anyway, I love my fireplace, esp on days like this!


McKay Family said...

How pretty! I want one!

1boy4girls said...

one of my kids asked a friend the other day if their fireplace was *on*. Hehe! Love the switch thing too!

mimi said...

I WANT ONE:)!!!!!!lol...I love cozy:)

Cali said...

Hi Brynn,

Oh a cozy fire. I love that on a cold day.

I got tagged by Traci and now I have tagged you. Will you show us the 6th photo in your 6th album?