Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love post #2

This is going to be really short, I'm still not feeling good & need to go lay back down.

I want to just say that I love that my boys are old enough to help out around here (without being asked even). I was SO beyond sick yesterday, but still needed to get the boys up & take them to school. The Princess ended up waking up & where I would usually be the one that gets her her chachy milk & takes care of her, both C-Man & Bubby did everything for her. C-Man even made sure Bubby had everything ready for school so that I wouldn't have to deal with that too. It was so nice that I could be miserable & lay on the couch without having to be "Mom". I didn't ask the boys to do any of this, they knew something was up, so they stepped up to the plate & did what needed to be done. Man I love these boys!

Prince Charming had a "light" day, so was here in time to get the boys from school, he did EVERYTHING for the rest of the day (including dealing with Roo's "messy" accident) & let me stay in bed & sleep.

I don't have the energy to find a pic right now, but I'll try to post one later.

Ok, I decided to add a few pics now, they don't necessarily go with this post, but they are pics of the kids. LOL These were taken at the super bowl party we went to, they were the only kids there & they did great at entertaining themselves & staying out of trouble!

Man I love these kids!


1boy4girls said...

Looks like the kids had fun at the party. Sorry you're not feeling well. I hope you get better soon!

McKay Family said...

How nice! When I am sick, Amelia won't do Maybe someday! Hope you are feeling better! It's hard to be sick and be a mom...there is no calling in, no sick days, no mental health days.

MidniteScrapper said...

That is great. You know my girls are helpful, but it is really nice to see "the boys" taking care of mama. =] They will be good husbands one day if they keep it up!

mimi said...

Brenda I hope you are feeling better really soon!!!:)