Saturday, September 6, 2008

Desi, this one's for you!

Ok, Des is ALWAYS giving me a hard time about The Princess's hair. "Do you EVER let her wear it down"? Well, Desi, today I did. I told you I would, but knew you wouldn't believe me, so I took some pics as proof.
Here is her hair down, she found a headband lastnight & wanted to wear it. Of course, her hair was already done & I wasn't going to undo it, so I told her she could wear it today. I made a headband with her hair underneath, (just so it wouldn't slip) & then curled it all after the"real" headband was in place. I think it turned out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.

Ok, certainly not the best pics, but at least you get the idea!

I'll touch up the curls in the back before we actually leave the house, just to make sure they are "tight".


Jacy said... are neurotic!! At least with hair, lol. I actualy thought we'd see a plain jane picture of DD with her hair "down". Meaning nothing done to it.

Brynn said...

Oh Jules, you know me better than that! This is as "un done" as it's gonna get!

CloverGirl said...

I think Desi meant "un done."

I've always wondered if you could ever let her leave the house with it au natural.

Menjiness said...

If I ever meet her, the first thing I am gonna do is mess up her hair and make her dirty. So there. ROTF!

Brynn said...

Ummm Brandi, the answer is NO! I actually keep "extras" in the car, just in case! Even if for some weird reason, (emergency) we had to leave ASAP, I could still do something to her hair while in the car. I take the boy scout motto to heart... ALWAYS BE PREPARED"!

Desi... NOT gonna happen! LOL

Midnite Scrapper said...

ROTF! She is adorable, but I think Desiree meant "as is". LOL You'd put your eye out if you saw my dd's hair right now. I don't think she's run a brush through it all day! =D

Kathy said...

Okay Brenda, I really don't think that counts as wearing her hair down. I dunno, I challenge you to NOT curl her hair, put any type of ribbon or embellishment in it and THEN and ONLY then we'll talk! ;)