Saturday, April 19, 2008

Birthday weekend...

Well, I got the house all clean before I went to bed last night. I was SO looking forward to waking up this morning, knowing mom & dad would already be on their way. YAY! I have SO been looking forward to this weekend. I knew that even though I was going to have to "share" MY day with 3 of my kids for their family party, mom would make it a special day for me. We had all these great fun plans for today... shopping, scrapping/cardmaking, shopping, a movie, shopping, she was going to teach me to sew, oh, & did I mention, we were going to go shopping too. Yeah, I was EXCITED!!! With Prince Charming gone almost every weekend, I REALLY was needing a break & this was going to be "IT" for me.

So... at 8:31 my phone rings, it's dad's cell. Cool, I'm wondering where they are, knowing he's just checking in & giving me their EAT (estimated arrival time). Ummm... WRONG! He was calling from HOME! They decided not to come!!! The pass was bad & getting worse because we freakin got SNOW. At first I didn't believe him because anyone that knows my dad knows he is the world's biggest jokester. Well, he wasn't joking, he was totally serious. I hung up the phone before he knew I was crying. I crawled back into bed & cried. (Ok, truth be told, I wasn't just crying, I was sobbing!) I was so beyond disappointed. Now, don't get me wrong & don't judge me & think I'm heartless & selfish. I would have felt HORRIBLE had they decided to come & something happened to them. I was more upset because this was something for ME, the first thing in a really long time that was just for me to look forward to.

Poor DH, (that's dear hubby for those of you that don't speak SS) he tried so hard, he really did, but he just didn't "get" it. He must have realized I was not in the mood to deal with the boys because the next thing I knew, he took all 3 of them to go get the oil changed in his car?! Ummm, ok, whatever!

When they got back, we all went out to lunch, (I won't bore you with the details, but it was pretty comical). Anyway, I took off & ran to Target after that, in a "popcorn" storm even! That's what M calls it, it wasn't really hail, but not rain or snow either, just little white snow "balls" that looks like the stuff you fill a bean bag with. Ok, so I come home to the guys over here for band practice. They finally left & DH & I left to go to a super cool theater here that I love. The plan was to have B stay here with the other kids while we went to dinner & a movie. Well, we tried to see a movie, but it was full so we went to Red Robin instead.

I really do have an awesome DH! He was so sweet today, trying to "make it up to me". Anyway, I'm outta here, my eyes burn & I have a headache from crying so much this morning. Tomorrow is another day!

Oh yeah, thanks Melissa & Desi, & Kris too for not forgetting about me! :) I love you guys!!!


CloverGirl said...

Hey! I didn't forget. I came here to wish you a Happy Birthday!!!

I'm sorry your parents couldn't make it. :( I'm glad Mike was able to make you feel better, though!!

Best wishes for a wonderful year!

1boy4girls said...

I totally thought mom and dad were there! I'm sorry you had such a crummy day. Hope today was a little better for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!