Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blog Challenge...

Ok, here's the blog challenge for this week.   "Copy & paste the following section into your blog & answer as best as you can.  You can elaborate (I hope you do), you can post pics, you can be deep, you can be funny.  Whatever you choose- just be honest.  Second part of the challenge- post a pic (from this week) of you at your computer.  Don't worry about cleaning up- just post & have fun."
1) Right now I want:
2) I wish I knew how to:
3) When I want to indulge myself, I:
4) You'll never see me:
5) A childhood memory that I love:
6) 2 things I do every single day:
7) Happiest moment of 2008, so far:
8) Describe yourself in 3 words:
9) 2 scrap related goals for this year:
10) You have $40 that you MUST spend on yourself - what do you do with it?

I'm only going to answer a few each day.

Let's see...
Right now I want... to have enough $ to cover our bills & be able to get Princess something else for her b day.

I wish I knew how to... sew.  I wish my mom lived closer so she could teach me, I would love to be able to sew the Princess some cute clothes.

When I want to indulge myself, I... read a good book, or scrap all by myself!

Stay tuned for more answers tomorrow!


Midnite Scrapper said...

I feel the same way about sewing! I even have a sewing machine. One day, one day...

Muzic Luvr said...

well if you wanted me to i would teach how to sew but i bet it would be more.......... special if your mommy showed you how to