Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thought this was cool...

I found this on someone's blog, it was from sometime last year, but I thought it was pretty neat.

am: IMing a friend & listening to Princess cry upstairs (she should be napping)
want: to get out of this financial mess we're in
have: a million things to be thankful for
wish: I was more motivated
hate: nagging my kids just to get them to do something
don't: have any $ & that bothers me, a LOT
can't: control my anger sometimes
need: to get Mom's b day gift done before she gets here this weekend
hear: the Princess crying
wonder: when things will turn around for us
believe: anything is possible
regret: a decision that was made long, long ago
am not: the best NOR the worst mom in the world
dance: LOL, NOT at all!
sing: well, I used to sing...
cry: rarely, but get emotional when I'm proud of my boys
am not always: nice
make with my hands: cool hairstyles for C
write: quite a bit, esp in my scrapbooks
confuse: doing things for me with being selfish
should: be getting my laundry done
start: my day on the computer
finish: my day by writing in my thankful journal


1boy4girls said...

I'm stealing this one!

Lee said...

Me too, me too!

Midnite Scrapper said...

This is a cool idea. I might have to steal it when I have time. =] Sorry you're having a hard time right now. BTDT and doing it now. Hope it passes before long!