Thursday, April 10, 2008

Next step of the blog challenge...

Ok, since I was so sick yesterday, I didn't write anything, sorry.  I'll see if I can come up with some "fun" answers for today.  Oh, & I still need to download my pics from the hockey tourney, my camera is still in the bag sitting on the stairs.  Hopefully I can get to that later today, don't hold your breath waiting though.

Here goes...
4. You'll never see me... not do something to C's hair!  Ok, since that was way to obvious, I'll give a real answer.  I will never deny my beliefs, or the church.  I also will never leave my family.

5. A childhood memory that I love.... wow, there are SO many... The first that came to mind was going as a family to the Rhododendron Gardens.  We would go walk around, feed the ducks, throw a ball around, sometimes we would even take a picnic & sit in the big field & eat.  I LOVED going there.  It was close to where we lived, right in the city, but you felt like you were in the middle of Heaven.  We had so much fun there, the memories are so strong, I can even smell the flowers.
Another I have to say, if only because I think Goldfish will get a kick out of this... I must have been around 7 or 8, we were waiting for our babysitter to come over & Beck & I dressed up Bry as a girl.  We put him in one of our silky nightgowns, (it was white with little blue flowers on it), we tried to do his hair (see, I've always been this obsessed with hair!) we then put him in the driveway & told him he couldn't come in the house.  We even started calling him Betty.  Man, poor thing, we must have traumatized him & he was little, like around 2 or 3.  We did let him come in once the sitter got there, that was pretty nice of us I thought!

6. 2 things I do every single day...  Princess Tornado's hair (duh, like you didn't see that coming)  & check out SS.  ( I also take a shower & brush my teeth, just in case you were wondering).

7. Happiest moment of 2008 so far... Hmmm, this one is hard.  Let's see... ok, sorry Sherry, I'm going to kind of cheat on this one & combine some things.  I LOVE watching my kids play sports, absolutely LOVE it.  I also love seeing them give everything they have, doing something they love & are good at.  This last weekend at the hockey tourney was GREAT, all 3 boys played so well & had a lot of fun too, it really made me proud.  I love that hockey is something our whole family can enjoy together.  The other thing I'm "combining" is another "family activity".  Watching the "boys" play Rock Band all together, it just makes me happy inside to see them "connecting" with daddy!

Ok, I think that's enough for now.  I'll add more tomorrow.


Midnite Scrapper said...

Ok. I forgive you for the combo answers. LOL. I love that you can be perfect with your dd's hair. My daughters always had their hair combed, but it was the famous side part and clip. That's it. LOL