Monday, April 21, 2008

We survived!!!

I'll post pics later, assuming they turned out, I haven't even checked yet. Anyway, after a crummy start to the weekend, it ended up pretty darn good. We went to church yesterday... in the SNOW! Still not sure what the heck that was about, but I do have to say that I believe that's the FIRST time I've EVER celebrated my b day when it was SNOWING! We came home & had a yummy lunch/dinner that was in the crockpot, cleaned that up & then the party started.

Prince Charming's family was here & it was very laid back & fun. Poor C, Bonez opened his gift from g ma & Blanco's first & got a new Kobe AllStar jersey (e was BEYOND thrilled), then it was C's turn. You could tell he was extremely disappointed, he just kept saying "Ummm, cool checkers board..." He was totally confused & trying not to cry. I knew what was going on, so quietly tried to show him the rest of the "checkers" board... it was a COOL (& expensive) Medieval CHESS set, (the pieces were all hidden underneath the board though, so he couldn't see them). Once he realized what it was, he was TOTALLY STOKED! He's our chess player, & takes after Daddy. Infact, Daddy helped pick this out & thought it would be something they could do together. C will get the rest of his gift tomorrow, it's a glass top table that has dragons on it that match the set & both will go in his room.

The boys had hockey practice last night, so I didn't get my stuff until after they all got home, which was all fine. HOLY COW, M did more than I expected. He's so good!

Anyway, it turned out to be a good weekend. Even though I'm still bummed my parent's couldn't be here, after hearing how horrific the pass was, I'm SO glad they stayed home & were safe.

I'll post pics once I get them off my camera.


1boy4girls said...

Conner would LOVE To play chess with with C! Next trip!

Tristessa said...

Good words.