Thursday, April 17, 2008

I've been rejected!!!

Ok, I signed up to give blood today. I HATE needles, but feel this is something I can & should do, so I signed up. I went for the first time in January; Holy cow, I was so sick for 3 days I swore I would never do it again. Well, sign ups came around again so I decided I would try 1 more time. Okay, I made sure today to drink lots of water & to actually eat something (I didn't do either last time). I head on down to the church & they poke my finger to check my iron level. Once again, it doesn't "sink" fast enough so the lady had to "spin" me. She came back & told me that I couldn't give blood today because my iron was too low. It was too low by ONE POINT; 1 point, can you believe it?! Anyway, I walked out of there with my head down, totally embarrassed & hoping no one would see me that I knew. I can't believe it, I WAS REJECTED! They didn't want my blood! That's fine, I didn't really want to give it anyway!

I didn't want to feel down too long, so I came home, picked up 2 of the kids & headed off to Cold Stone. Alls good with the world now.


CloverGirl said...

It's the thought that counts, Brynn!

And the ice cream sure doesn't hurt either. LOL!!

Muzic Luvr said...

wow i really want some ice cream now. and that is cool that you tried to give blood. it makes you cool just for trying babe.

luve ya honey (bunces of oats)


1boy4girls said...

You weren't really upset!!! I'm sure you purposely didn't take your iron yesterday. I actually hate giving blood too, but feel like I HAVE to because of Bryan. However, it's very difficult with the 2 babies to go, so it's been a while. I'm very impressed that you even tried!