Sunday, May 11, 2008

Blog Challenge: Picture Perfect

And now, here is this week's challenge...

I had a conversation with my friend, Denise, last week and we were talking about our children and their relationship to their Grandpa's. Denise was talking about a special time her son, Garrett had with his Grandpa and how you could just see the love between them.
I love pictures that capture that essence of who we are.
It got me thinking about my own loved ones and how much I treasure those few photos that capture the magic of that person I love.

So the challenge this week is to post a picture of someone you love. It can't be just any picture, it should be one of those pictures that you look at and you really see something about that person.
Once you find that special picture, post it in your blog and tell us what it is that makes it special.

This is not limited to children, or spouses. It is for anyone, even beloved pets.

I knew, as soon as I read the challenge, what pictures I HAD to use.  These are some of my favorite pictures EVER.  They are of my dad, or "Papa" as he is lovingly referred to by all 10 grandkids, & my little Princess.

You see, my dad wasn't a big "baby" person, (he had never changed a diaper, that was always my mom's job) as us kids were growing up.  We knew how much he loved us, but I don't remember him being all cuddly with me, or really showing that "soft side" all that often.

   My dad has the BEST relationship with all of his grandkids, he loves them all so much, but also, has a unique relationship with each of them.  He has a special "song" he sings to my little girl, it touches my heart to hear it.  She just smiles & gets all excited, like she KNOWS it's something special, & just for her.

These are some pics that were taken while we were staying with my parents last year, we happened to have a hockey tourney in Portland so Papa was enjoying some "play time" with the Princess.


1boy4girls said...

ohhh, how sweet!

Muzic Luvr said...

that picture is SO cute!!!!! i just love it.

~~Carrie Ann said...

Precious pictures! I have a Papa and my kids call my dad Papa too! :)