Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My weekend...

Ok, I just tried uploading a bunch of pics to share & well, I'm not sure where they went, but they aren't here. I'm not taking the time to try again, so I guess we'll go pictureless this time.  Hey, I don't know what happened, but here they are!  Whoo-Hoo!

Ok, so Friday, I picked B up from school & we headed out of town. We went & surprised my mom. That was COOL! She had no idea we were going. Hee hee, I loved it! Ok, so we hung out there for a few, then headed to my sister's. She even cut her date with her hubby early for me, isn't she great?! We had fun, just hangin out & letting the kids play. She has 5 kids, the oldest a boy, the rest are all girls.  YIKES!  Luckily, they're all great kids.  Anyway, her youngest 2 stairstep with my Princess & they don't get to play very often, but when they do, they have a blast!  Her girls taught C the "proper" way to get from the top of the stairs to the bottom, by sliding of course!  I got pics, but didn't upload those, sorry, but man, it was HILARIOUS!!!  C also kept cruisin around the house in the "cozy coupe", Adrie wanted a ride too. LOL  man, this little girl cracks me up!!!

Ok, fast forward to Sat.  Goldfish had a class & her hubby took the boys to go clean the church, that left me with 4 of the girls, I got the "baby" dressed, (she does NOT like me btw), & the most, I don't know... shocking maybe, thing happened, Alia (she's 8) asked me to do her hair!!!  Ok, this is HUGE, it's a big joke, they NEVER ask me to do their hair, & well, now that I have C, I've given up even asking to do theirs.  Anyway, I ended up doing 4 out of 5 girls' hair, I was in HEAVEN let me tell ya!  Ok, Mike took the boys (well, probably the entire neighborhood actually) out to play baseball, Beck & I stayed in & watched, they all had so much fun.  It was neat to see Bonez having so much fun with his cousin & his friends.  Ok, let me explain real quick... Conner is the same age as my #2, so Bonez doesn't really usually do much with Conner. This weekend happened just for Conner & Bonez.  Ok, so Mike took the boys & headed to the game... Goldfish & I loaded up all the girls & headed to the zoo.

HOLY COW!  Let's just say, we were EXHAUSTED by the end of the day, (ok, truth be told, we were exhausted within 15 minutes of being there).  You see, Adrie & Caile REFUSE to stay in a stroller, have YOU ever been at a zoo with 50 million other people & tried to keep track of 2 kids under 3, along with 3 other kids?!  YIKES!  I'm still not sure how we managed to not lose anyone (at least for too long).  It was CRAZY!!!  I felt bad for even bringing up the idea to Goldfish, she was a trooper to even consider going along with it for me.  The kids had fun so I guess that's all that matters.  They are doing a big dino exhibit, that was really neat, except the big guy up there, holy cow, Princess was TERRIFIED of him!  Ok, I do have to admit, he's lifesize (well, assuming that's how big they were way back when) & he was almost like hiding, he's all robotic & he growls too.  He was pretty intimidating, but man, she did NOT like him at all & wanted OUT OF THERE!!!

Ok, enough of the zoo... on to the game... Bonez & Conner's friend Tyson, got to go down & be the between innings entertainment at the OSU Beavers game.  It was some relay type of thing, the cool thing was that they were supposedly on TV, but they also got a free OSU hat.  B was beyond stoked!  They had a blast at the game.  Unfortunately, we didn't get any pics, still trying to figure out how I'm going to scrap that one...

Anyway, we drove home after they got back from the game.  We packed a lot in, but it was worth it & we had a blast.

Sunday was spent at church & then just hanging out as a family.  Monday, we decided to take the kids to the pool.  That won't be happening again, that's for sure!  Let's just say it was fine while it lasted, but not something any of us want to experience again, that's for sure!  What happened you ask... well... the short version is... there was a mob of "people" (oldest being MAYBE 16) no adult supervision whatsoever.  Oh, I'm going to guess there were maybe 20 in this "mob".  Anyway, they were out of control, esp 1 kid.  Lifeguards tried talking to him, he would NOT listen.  Looooong story short, police got called & had to haul him out of the place, I'm going to guess this "kid" was maybe 12 or so, but he was BIG, it took 3 police officers to get him out.  They had him handcuffed & the whole thing.  It was CRAZY!  I did NOT feel safe at all. It took forever to get ahold of a parent.  Anyway, that kind of (no, not kind of, it DID) ruin it for us.  It was gross, these people looked like they had just come in off the street, not one of them were wearing swim clothes, just street clothes, in fact, a few of the kids were just in undies.  NASTY!!!

So, that was our weekend.  It was fun spending so much time with the family.


CloverGirl said...

Was your pool in my neighborhood? LOL!!!!! Maybe I don't want to visit now. Hee. Hee.

So glad you guys had a nice weekend. I hope your mom is doing well.

1boy4girls said...

I had a blast too. Definately something we need to do more. Conner did have a good time and the girls are still talking about it. I love it when out of the blue Adrie will say "Mom, it was so much fun at the zoo." How cute is that? Makes it worth the trouble. Oh, and for the record, Caile doesn't like me either!!!

Next time, I get to come to your place!