Friday, May 16, 2008

Listen, can you hear that...

it's the sound of a quiet house!

Bonez is out of town at a scout campout, I dropped him & a friend off at 4 & he won't be back until sometime tomorrow night.

Tomorrow is C-Man's party, but we had a couple of the boys stay the night tonight to kick it all off.  (Okay, we're really just helping out their families, but it's all good).  I think we tired the boys all out.  My 3 kiddos, & C's best friend, played outside in the water until the other friend arrived, then they all went & played basketball for an hour or so.   They ran around in the house playing hide & seek dart tag in the dark, (crazy kids).  We all watched the end of the Laker game (which we won thankyouverymuch!!!) & then Mike put a movie on for them.  They were all out within minutes.

Ahhhh, bliss I tell you, pure Heavenly bliss.  The only thing I hear is the keyboard as I'm typing & the rattling from the A/C.

I'm enjoying this so much, I think I'll go to bed now.  Let's just hope they all sleep in tomorrow...  I'm not making any bets though.


Amanda said...

And isn't it pathetic that we have to have the A/C running in MAY? Blech. Enjoy your temporary quiet

1boy4girls said...

I too, am listening to the airconditioner running! I actually like it! It's nice to have a good day for a change! btw, the beach was AWESOME!!! I hope that you're day today was just as nice. You deserve it!


Midnite Scrapper said...

That is a rare and precious moment, isn't it? I hope you enjoyed all of it!