Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Silly Questionnaire

Who is your best guy friend? My Hubby of course!

Do you have trust issues? I'm WAY to trusting, that can cause major issues!  I am learning though!

Are you a cuddler? Yep, big time!

What's your favorite type of flower? roses & gardenias

Where did you last walk other than your house? Around the hockey rink yesterday with Bubby & the Princess

Kiss with your eyes open or closed? Closed if it's a good one. :)

Do you have a best friend? Yes, a couple of them actually.

Would you live with someone without marrying them? Since I'm married, I'm hoping that won't be an issue.  (Honestly though, no)

Do you remember what you were doing like a year ago? Getting ready to move back here.

Last person you cried in front of: Hubby again

Where are you right now, and how do you feel about where you are? Well, right now as in this minute, I'm in the office freezing, wishing I was in bed.  In life... we're in trouble & I HATE the constant stressed feeling!

Can you vote next election? Yes. 

What are you listening to? The background music on my blog.

Do you miss someone? Yeah, lots of people.

Where do you keep your money? What $... see answer above about where I am...

Are you a jealous person? YES!

Do you love someone right now? Of family.

Have you ever played Twister? Yep...but I couldn't play it now. LOL!!!

Where did your last hug take place? downstairs

Where were you at 2:02 this morning? Sleeping on the couch in my parent's front room.

Did you lose a friend this year? Does a SS sister count?

What are you doing for your next birthday? I have no clue.

Last place you took a plane to? To & from LA for my Gpa's funeral with my sis & 2 of our kids.

How do you feel about the person who texted you last? I don't text.

Do you use smiley faces on the computer a lot? Yes.

Do you tend to rip the paper off water bottles? No,not unless they are coming off, then I HAVE to.

Have you changed clothes in a vehicle? Of course, who hasn't?!

Who did you last go out to eat with? My mom, Bonez & Princess.

Do you cry easily? No, not usually

Do you have unlimited texting? I don't have a cell phone, so no texting here, although I couldn't live without my IM!

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Goldfish

Do you talk about your feelings or hide them? It definitely depends on who, what, when, where and why!

Do you wear glasses? Yeah, but only when I'm not wearing my contacts.

What are you thinking about? How nice it would be to not have all the stress we have right now.

What's bothering you? That we're in such a mess & I don't see an end in sight.

Last restaurant you went to? Burger Kind for fast food, other wise, Red Robin for my b day.

What did you do yesterday? Spent part of the day at the hockey rink watching 2 of the boys playing.  I also went shopping with my mom & the Princess.  Oh, & picked B up from the Temple.

What would you do with 5 million dollars? GET OUT OF DEBT!!!  Also build our dream house... one that has at least 5 bedrooms so my boys don't have to share anymore.  We would also go on a big vacation since we've never done that before.

Exciting weekend? YES!  Today's hockey game was AWESOME!  It was a great weekend.

Have you ever crawled through a window? Yes

Are you wearing a shirt? Yes , 2 actually.

Whats your myspace song? I don't do myspace.

Where was your default picture taken? Sitting right here in front of my computer.

Last time you went out of town? This weekend, we just got back tonight.

How often do you give high fives? A lot with my kids & the hockey kids.

Thanks Brandi, this was fun!