Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Continued adventures of Princess Tornado...

HOLY COW, someone, ANYone, PLEASE tell me it's going to be a better day today, PLEASE!

Yesterday started out okay, UNTIL... the Princess woke up.  Actually, she did fine until I went in to take a shower.  I got out & saw a HUGE mess, she had gotten into a "basket" of misc items; (not a big deal, she's played with the stuff before) BUT this time, she had figured out how to open a container of baby powder!!!  Yep, my little Princess had emptied an ENTIRE bottle.  She must have had fun, it wasn't spread all over the room, nope, she just dumped it.  In my shoe, in a little box of cards, in a HUGE pile on the carpet.  UGH!!!  I start calling her, well, she's no dummy, she knows she's in trouble so she stays REALLY quiet.  I continue to call her, she continues to "hide".  Ok, now I'm starting to panic & wonder if she had escaped outside, (remember I had JUST gotten out of the shower) I literally started running all over the house looking for her.  She must have realized at that point, it was better to just come out.  I find her in her room with her little hands behind her back, GUILTY written all across her face.  Ok, I bring her into my room & ask her if she did this.  "No", with the big ol crocodile tears streaming down her little face.  "Princess, did you make this mess?"  "No".  "Roo, who made this mess?"  "Bubby"!!!  It was all I could do to not bust out laughing!  Man this little one learns quickly! 

Oh yeah, as I'm talking to her, I realize she's starting to go potty (she had big girl panties on), so I run her into my bathroom, well... little missy had gone poop UGH!!!  Of course, I didn't realize that until I was taking off the panties, needless to say, it was now EVERYWHERE!!!  At this point, I left her on the pot, ran the panties to the kids' bathroom to deal with later.  I FINALLY got some clothes on me & then started my tub.  I threw her in the water (careful NOT to get her hair wet since I of course had already done it & didn't want to have to do it again).  Get the bathroom cleaned up & get her out.  

I'm thinking at this point, we're over the worst of it.  Yeah right, not even close!!!

I lay her down for her nap, she keeps getting up, I go in to check on her (ok, to put her BACK in bed...) & her top drawer is open UGH, I go to close it & step in something gooey.  She got into baby lotion!  I get that cleaned up & put her BACK in bed, AGAIN.  I go finish up Con's b day invites with hubby.  At this point, I need to leave for the school, I went to make sure Princess was actually asleep... NOPE, she found ANOTHER FULL bottle of lotion & had decided it would be "oh so much fun" to pour it all out on her carpet!  Oh, but not before she gave herself a "lotion bath".  GRRR!  I stripped her down, threatened her & then set about cleaning up ANOTHER mess.

I'm tellin ya, this child is going to do me in!!!  Yes, there was more, like how I got home to find her still in only a diaper (remember I stripped her down for her nap) with a pretty red picture drawn on her tummy.  How she took off her diaper (so she could go potty) & then escaped out the front door before we could stop her.  Yep, my child was streaking the neighborhood!

She's still sleeping, so I'm hoping this will be a better day!!!


CloverGirl said...

Pictures, woman. We want to see pictures!

Can you hear me laughing in Detroit???

1boy4girls said...

Hee Hee. And you thought my girls were EASY! Little did you know!

Amanda said...

Clover said it best... did you take PICTURES of the baby powder? Not sure I want to see the rest of them LOL