Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hectic days & nights...

This is officially the start of "hectic season" here at our house. I have 1 in football & 1 in soccer, 2 in scouts (+ me too), 3 in school & all 6 of us busy with church & our callings there. Yep, it's crazy, but we LOVE it! We have 1 day a week where we have NOTHING going on. That is officially going to be our "Family fun time". Not sure what we will be doing, maybe just hanging out here & playing games, or watching a movie, but it's going to be family time.

Ok, so we made a (I think) pretty big decision here on Friday afternoon. It's going to simplify things for all of us, (well, okay, really just for me, but hey, that's all that matters, right)?! Here's a little background...

A new school is opening up a few blocks away from us. Bubby is to be going there, C-man gets to stay at the "old" school since he'll be a 5th grader. I have REALLy fought with the decision all summer about sending bubs. I LOVE the Principal at the new school, love the location etc, BUT, I had some MAJOR concerns about some other things. One of those concerns being how the heck am I supposed to get 3 kids to 3 schools @ 2 different times? Because C is now "out of district" I have to provide transportation. Bubby gets to take the bus, but it would still be tough getting them all out the door at 3 different times etc. Anyway, while talking to D's teacher from last year, she convinced me that I really am NOT Wonder Woman (who woulda thought) & I am INSANE for even trying to do it all. Ok, well, she needed help totally convincing me, so, off we went to Gail (B had both of these teachers for 1st & 2nd grade). After spending lots of time chatting I started working on the switch. The funny thing was, I walked into the school that afternoon feeling like I had made the decision & was feeling okay with it. HA! Guess that's what happens when Gail & Jill get ahold of me huh?! To make a long story short, after more thinking, more phone calls & even more trips to the school... it is now official... BUBBY IS GOING TO THE SAME SCHOOL AS C-MAN!!! I can't even begin to explain how excited I am about this. D will get (we had to even get HER permission lol) Gail as a teacher, she will be PERFECT for him. (He is a hard one to place). I just now got off the phone with the school sec who said "yep, it's official, he's ON her class list, I just placed him"!!! What an answer to my prayers. I am so excited for school to start next week, I know my boys are in good hands & will have great years.

Ok, I'm off to sign all 3 boys up for basketball... luckily that doesn't start until after football & soccer.


mimi said...

Brenda, that is so great that D will be getting a teacher you feel so good about! We started school last week and it does take some time to get back in the rhythm of everything:) It's nice to be back to having a set schedule though:) Have fun next week:)