Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm a thief...

I "stole" this from Amanda, but I think it's okay this 1 time! LOL

1. LAST MOVIE YOU SAW IN A THEATER: Horton Hears a Who with Bonez

2. BOOK ARE YOU READING? Breaking Dawn (duh)

3. FAVORITE BOARD GAME? Hmmm, I don't know, my favorite to play with Bubby is Sorry, does that count?

4. FAVORITE MAGAZINE? A scrapbooking one that I get every month, don't remember what one it is though & I'm too lazy to get up to find out, sorry.

5. FAVORITE SMELLS? rain, cinnamon, fresh cut grass, the apple shampoo I use on the Princess

6. FAVORITE FOODS? Homemade tacos (made with mom's homemade shells), fries & ice cream

7. FAVORITE SOUND? My kids laughing, rain

8. WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD? Not being able to help my family when they need it.

9. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU THINK OF WHEN YOU WAKE UP? "I can't believe they are freakin up already"! Referring to the boys.

10. FAVORITE FAST FOOD PLACE? I have lots... In & Out is my VERY favorite, but since there isn't one around... Taco Bell, Arby's, Dandy's (local drive in) & Sonic I think that covers it...

11. FUTURE CHILD'S NAME? Sorry, no more kiddos for us. IF I had to come up with another though, I would use... Eastyn or Brynli

12. FINISH THIS STATEMENT. "IF I HAD A LOT OF MONEY..."? would solve a lot of our problems, but wouldn't make us "happier". We have a great relationship even without the $.

13. DO YOU DRIVE FAST? What's your definition of "fast"? My DH's idea of "fast" and mine don't always match up. I'm actually pretty careful (speed wise) when *I'm* driving long distance, I do NOT want a ticket!

14. DO YOU SLEEP WITH A STUFFED ANIMAL? Uh, have to say NO to that one, I do have to have MY pillow though.

15. STORMS-COOL OR SCARY? Cool... I love the rain. But then again I've never been in anything like a tornado or hurricane.

16. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CAR? A green Datsun, "The Green Vegetable", remember that car Goldfish?!

17. FAVORITE DRINK? Henry Weinharts (sp) Vanilla Cream Soda, Sonic Cherry Limeade, xtra cherry, Vernor's, & Cactus Cooler.

18. FINISH THIS STATEMENT, "IF I HAD THE TIME..." & wasn't so tired, I would finish "The Book" tonight!


20. IF YOU COULD DYE YOUR HAIR ANY COLOR, WHAT WOULD BE YOUR CHOICE? Strawberry Blonde, boy do I miss that color. LOL

21. NAME ALL THE DIFFERENT CITIES/TOWNS YOU HAVE LIVED IN: Glendora, Portland, Rexburg, Salt Lake City, Bend, Eugene, & Springfield (I think that's it).

22. NAME ALL THE STATES/COUNTRIES YOU HAVE VISITED: Washington, Oklahoma, Cali, Utah, Nevada, Mexico, Canada, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, maybe a few more, but those are what I can remember right now.

23. GLASS - HALF EMPTY OR FULL? Half Full - most of the time.

24. FAVORITE SPORT TO WATCH? Professional? Basketball, but ONLY if it's the LAKERS playing. Non pro: whatever my kids are playing, but mostly hockey & basketball.

25. ONE NICE THING ABOUT THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU: She has become a great friend & I can't wait to actually meet her in October, we're gonna have a blast together, she's lots of fun! (although I stole this from her vs. her actually sending it to me lol)

26. WHAT IS UNDER YOUR BED? Boxes of stuff lol, they've been there since we moved in & will stay until we move out. No where else to put them.

27. TOILET PAPER -OVER OR UNDER? Under, but lately, I haven't really cared, as long as it gets put on, it's all good.

28. SEAT UP OR DOWN? The lid part, don't care, actual seat part, DOWN.

29. MORNING PERSON, OR NIGHT OWL? You have to ask? Do NOT call my house before 9am unless it's an emergency & even then, I can't guarantee I'll be nice.

28. OVER EASY OR SUNNY SIDE UP? If I HAVE to eat them (read: someone else is making them and it would be rude of me not to force down a few bites), scrambled. With cheese to drown out the icky egg flavor.

31. FAVORITE PLACE TO RELAX? Relax? What is that? I'm not too picky, just anywhere it's quiet. Sometimes, it's the bathroom lol.

32. FAVORITE PIE? Cherry, or apple. Oh, I also love chocolate mousse. Strawberry is yummy too.

Ok, so... anyone want to "steal" this from me? I'll even give you my permission. LOL


Shirlene said...

Hey you....I'm glad I have your blog now. I added it to my "friends and family" links. I'm glad you have one, now I can keep up with what's going on with my cousin in Oregon. Your boys are big....and your little girl is cute. I got on your blog from Becki's.....she commented on mine last night. I guess you see my bog now but it's

Shirlene said...

Hey...i'm so glad I was able to get on your blog. Your fam is so cute. Your little girl is adorable. I've added you to my links from my page, so it'll be fun to check in and see what's going on in your lives. Have a great day!! Love ya!

Shirlene said...

I got onto Becki's blog but it won't let me comment for some reason. I don't know....probably operator in me:)