Thursday, August 7, 2008

I am SO tired!

I stopped by a friend's house yesterday to drop something off, while there, we made plans to go see a movie later that night. Her hubby was here helping mine with something, so when he left for home, I jumped in his car & off we went. Kathy & I took off for the movies shortly after. We saw MAMA MIA, LOVED it BTW! We laughed so hard (& drooled too). We left the theatre & headed back here so she could drop me off. Well... just like old times, we started chatting, & chatting, & chatting some more. At one point, she said something about the time, HOLY COW, it was already 1am! At about 3 (yep, AM) my porch light went out, ut oh, that's not good. Kathy flashed the lights & I ran to the door, I was locked out! Luckily hubby was just heading up to bed so I banged on the door & he unlocked it for me. I went back out to the car & we picked up where we left off.

Long story short, I came in the house at 4 this morning. Of course, at that point, even though I was tired, I couldn't go right to sleep, so I started reading "The Book", then checked out some things online. I FINALLY turned off the lights at 5! Because the Princess had fallen asleep on the floor with her brothers in the family room, I decided to sleep on the couch. (I didn't want her to wake & try coming upstairs in the dark). I was woken up at some ridiculous hour by the shower upstairs. I drug my self up the stairs & realized it was only 7, no wonder I felt like a zombie! Hubby had an early meeting so he left as I climbed back into bed. Of course, the kids woke up soon after so let's just say that I haven't gotten very much sleep this morning.

It was SO worth it though. Kathy & I used to do this all the time when I lived here before. There was a group of us that would go out every month, after Bunco, or Enrichment etc & "gather" just to hang out because we didn't want the evening to end. Without fail, it would end up only being her & I, (we seemed to be the only ones that didn't have a "curfew". I haven't done this since we moved from here 4 years ago. I didn't realize how much I missed it.

We really "caught up" on everything going on in each other's lives & just "did the girl thing" & had fun chatting, giggling, & sharing some pretty personal thoughts & stories. Man, what a night, er, morning... LOL

Thanks Kathy for the invite, I had a BLAST!!!


Amanda said...

I'm scared. Warning you now, I need to sleep at SOME point that weekend! LOL