Friday, March 21, 2008

I am SO not a video gamer.  Plain & simple, in fact, if we're being really honest here, I wasn't happy when Santa brought a ps2 for Christmas one year (6 years ago to be exact).  Ok, I've gotten used to it, I mean, really, what choice do I have, I am SO out numbered here living with all these boys, so whatever, it's here to stay at this point, let's make the best of it.  So, fast forward to Christmas 2006, what was under the Christmas tree... a ps3!!!  YIKES!  Now let's fast forward to this last Christmas.  Lo & Behold, Santa left Rock Band for the family. (I'm seriously thinking Santa & Mommy need to have a little chat, but I digress...).  Now, as much as I get sick of the noise, this has been the BEST thing that has ever been bought for the family. Honestly, it is the COOLEST!  Talk about a great family gift, we all have spent literally hours on this thing.  So how, you ask, does this fit into my challenge of "finding the joy" for the week?   Well, Dawsey went & got Daddy out of bed this morning so they could come & have some "bonding time".  I just sat here & was loving life.  The 2 of them were "rockin out" with Princess dancing & singing.  Well, actually, she was joining D singing, (I swear, that little 6yo knows almost all the words to these songs, it's crazy)!  It just brought a little bit of sunshine to a cold & snowy morning. 

I think this has been on almost all day.  The kids came home from school & started taking turns playing (In between playing basketball outside).  My niece is staying with us tonight & they all had so much fun.  There wasn't any fighting & arguing, it was just laughter & giggles all night long.

I am so glad Santa doesn't always ask for permission before he brings gifts to this house, he obviously knows just what we need!



Melissa said...

Im glad we have different Santas. A house full of girls wouldnt know what to do with Guitar Hero. I cant wait to play it when I come out to visit. :-)

Midnite Scrapper said...

wha??? why is Melissa visiting? J/K I want a WII weely weely bad!

jarod said...

OK, I don't know Melissa, but I bet we'd have ALOT in common! Just sounds like noise to me. However, in our house we have been know to have karaoke nights with our ps2. And I must say that when I found out there was a singalong for High School Musical, I went right out and bought it. For me!

Muzic Luvr said...

hey aunt brenda its me
Dawsen looks so funny in that picture!!!!!!!!
ha ha ha ha ha ha

ok i feel bad because i have called you so much today so can you please give me a call when you get this.