Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just a little bit of joy...

Con used to be an avid reader.  UNTIL... big brother decided it would be funny to give him a hard time about it & started making fun of him.  Now, it's all I can do to get either of them to read.  Con is working his way "around the world" with his AR reading at school.  Anyway, he came downstairs this morning & made the comment out of the blue, that he REALLY wanted to read "Among the Hidden".  Ok, once I realized that I wasn't sleeping anymore, that he really honestly did say that, I called his teacher (I needed to chat with her anyway).  Because this isn't necessarily an AR book, (It's a book Bray had to read for MS) I wanted to know if it was something he could read & get credit for.  Hey, why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone, right.  I told her I would send it in with Con so she could look at it & make a decision.  We would also keep the Unfortunate Events he checked out yesterday, that way, he'll have a book to read during spring break too.

Anyway, I thought it was so cool that a book that Bray read for school was so "cool" that he got his brother excited about it too.

Ok, something else that I got a chuckle out of, I was doing Bubby's hair today, & he was talking about something (I can't remember what...) & I told him I would make him a deal, that if he did XYZ, I would let him stay home from school all next week.  His eyes got so big "Really?  The WHOLE week", "yep, the whole week, you can stay home".  "What about Con, can he stay home too?"  "Sure, why not".  "Ok, what about B?"  "Nah, he has to go to school."  He started getting a sad look on his face so I quickly said  "Oh, ok, Bray can stay home too then."  He OBVIOUSLY doesn't understand that there is NO school next week, it's spring break!!!  I'm not letting him in on my secret, I'm letting him think he has the coolest mom in the world! :)


1boy4girls said...

hmm, I didn't realize that Brent was over there with you.

Midnite Scrapper said...

That's great! I love it when kids WANT to read. =] I've got just about every book they'd ever want to read right here in my library if you wanna send them down. =D