Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Little girls... Sugar & Spice?!

I know, I know, I prayed & prayed for a little Princess, I get it, it's all my fault...  BUT... OMgosh, this child... YIKES,  she's gonna do me in, seriously!

Ok, so she wakes up this morning sounding like a seal.  Ok, look up croup on the internet, sure enough, sounds exactly like what she has.  Weird, she's been totally fine, not even a yucky nose, NO other symptoms, nothing, nada, none whatsoever, ok, whatever.  Then, as fast as it came on, seemed to be "gone", well, alright, I know what to watch for, so I'm not going to worry too much about it & I'll just be prepared for a long night.  

She is in playing in her toyroom, being as good as can be, seriously, the only reason I knew she was in there was because I could hear her little airplane singing.  Perfect, ahhh, life is good.  Bray is at school, Con & Dawsey are playing a video game together, Mike is still sleeping, I'm chatting with a friend online.  Life just doesn't get much better than this.  UNTIL...

I smelled something... hmmm, Princess must have a dirty diaper, but that's weird, she's in another room, I shouldn't smell it from here...  ok, time to go check things out...

OMGosh, she was sitting on the floor with all her little toys around, FINGER PAINTING WITH HER  POOP!!!  HOLY COW, what the heck did I do to ever deserve this?!

I carried her as carefully as I possible could & as I was sitting there losing it in the toilet, got her cleaned up enough that I could throw her in the tub.  UGH! (Oh, not before I went to wake up Prince Charming by YELLING at him that HIS daughter had been finger painting... & I wasn't sure if she was going to make it through the day)  You know what he did, he laughed, yeah, he LAUGHED!!!  Well, fine then, YOU get up & clean her up, let's see how funny you think THAT is! 

Anyway, after I got everything cleaned up, I found one of my favorite outfits of hers, a Disney Princess outfit Aunt Debie gave her & put it on her, I even did her hair cute (ok, those that know me know that happens every day, but still).   I figured I needed her to look as cute as possible so I could get the other image out of my head (is that even possible, I know the smell is here to stay...).

I just want to know where the whole "little girls are full of sugar & spice" came from...  holy cow, she is definitely "full of" something, I'm just not sure WHAT!!!  She gets into things & does things the boys NEVER did.  

SO I guess it's days like this that I need to take a step back & really thank the Lord for giving me such great boys!!! :)  Ok, I thank Him daily for my Princess too, I can't imagine life without her, it definitely would be BORING, that's for sure!!!


1boy4girls said...

see, and you thought I got off easy having girls! Most day's I'd take Conner over the rest!!!

Melissa said...

Umm...Remember Payton smearing her poop? I feel your pain. And, kind of laughing that its not me. LOL! Luv ya! :-)

Karen said...

Oh, yuck. Haven't had a finger painter, thankfully! Well, at least not with poop. Just with everything else... Johnny is totally our trouble maker. If he weren't so cute, he wouldn't have made it this long! :D