Thursday, March 27, 2008

My kids liked dinner!!!

I swear, I have THE pickiest kids ever!  Seriously picky.  I honestly think there are MAYBE 3 things that I make for dinner that the whole family will willingly eat complaint free.  Tonight, I can add 1 more to the short list.  I decided to make Hawaiian Haystacks.  Why you ask?  Because gosh darnit, I'm sick of eating "kid food" all the freakin time.  I decided tonight was going to be what *I* wanted & to heck with the rest of the family; That's why!  (Yeah, I know, I'm mean like that though).  So I ran to the store to pick up the rest of what I needed for dinner & also picked up a dozen donuts for dessert.  Let's just say that all 6 of us ate dinner, & not only did the boys eat it, they asked for more & LOVED it!!!  They had so much fun putting their "toppings" on their rice. It was really yummy too.  Of course, I'm sure it helped that they all wanted the donuts too, but hey, whatever works!  Tonight, I'm just glad they all ate.  Oh, & even better yet, because I ended up with 3 extra kids today, we went on a major cleaning spree, EXCEPT the toyroom.  I "bribed" the boys tonight, I told them if they cleaned the toyroom (that was trashed) while I cleaned up the dinner mess, they could have their donuts.  IT WORKED!!!  Talk about a win-win situation!

Ok, I'm outta here, night.


1boy4girls said...

That's so weird. I have NO idea where they got the picky gene from...

Muzic Luvr said...

o geez i really wished i would have stayed and ate with you because guess what................. my sleep over is tomorrow not today!!!!!