Monday, March 17, 2008

Too funny!

Ok, keeping with Melissa's challenge, I have 2 things I'm going to tell ya about.  The first, Princess Tornado isn't feeling well, she was sitting here with me, playing with her electronic Dr set thing.  She got the pieces out, you know the thing the doc uses to hit your knee with to check reflexes, well, she was using that on my leg & pushing the button at the same time.  It makes these silly noises.  OMGosh, she thought that was the funniest thing ever, it was hilarious.  She had that deep belly laugh going & of course, I was getting a "kick" out of watching & listening to her.  I know it really wasn't a huge deal, but since she had been so miserable, it was nice to see a little big of her "normal happy self" come through.  (ok, could be all the meds I keep pumping her full of) :)

Ok, now for the next... all I ask is that you don't judge me just by this post.

So 2 of the boys & I decide to go on a bike ride, I strap P Tornado onto my bike (into her seat) & off we go.  We get across the street & are about 1/2 way up the hill & my chain falls off.  UGH
Bray keeps my bike steady so I can fix it.  On our way again, we go around the neighborhood, just cruisin along.  On our way back, I'm feelin pretty good, so decide to go past our street & go "the long way" home.  BIG mistake!!!
  There's a hill that way.  Ok, not a big hill, in fact, the boys didn't even realize it was a hill, but what do they know... so I'm looking & thinking, there's NO way in hockeyland that I'm makin it to the top.  I start pretending I'm the little engine that could, you know, "I think I can, I think I can..." yeah, well, nice thought, but my legs were reading a different story altogether it turns out.  I stopped.  Yep, I stopped, I could.not.go.another.inch.  I swear, my legs were like jelly, so when I stopped, my bike fell over; WITH PRINCESS STILL ATTACHED!!!  I couldn't do anything.  I just stood there looking at her.  Poor thing, she was strapped in, sunglasses &, big ol helmet on, just laying on her side still "sitting" in her seat.  She just looked up at me & all I could do was laugh!  It was so funny.  Then SHE started to laugh.  Dawsey was at the end of the street, wondering where the heck the rest of us were, he turns around & sees us stopped, (I think we may have been standing upright at that point), and says "Mom, is Chay okay, I just want to make sure she's alright".  "Yeah honey, everything is fine, why don't you & B head on home, I'll meet you there".

Ok, for some reason,, I find this absolutely hilarious, in fact, when I was retelling my story to Melissa, I was laughing so hard, I honestly thought I was going to pee my pants!  I had tears streaming down my face.  Con wanted to know what was so funny, I was giving him a play by play & was laughing so hard, he couldnt' even understand me.  So Melissa told me I needed to add this to my blog, it obviously brought me a lot of "joy" today.  I'm LOL as I'm typing this so I start filling Mike in, (he wanted to know what was so funny & why I was giggling).  He laughed, but not at my story necessarily, but AT me!  He said it must be one of those "location jokes" where you had to have been there.  Whatever, the challenge was to blog about something that brought ME joy & man, this did!

There ya have it, 2 things that I smiled about today.  There were many more, but we'll save those for another day! :)


Midnite Scrapper said...

Okay, that is hilarious. I know, I must be a mean mommy or something, but that made me laugh so hard. Glad she wasn't hurt of course. We have a big hill too. We go for walks and I always dread the hill. TFS!

CloverGirl said...

Laugther is the best medicine.

1boy4girls said...

Too funny! I was cracking up! I totally agree that we need to ditch the kids and go by ourselves!