Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's been a GREAT day!

Ok, I stole that from D's kinder teacher, they do a "cheer" at the end of each day, they choose the word, (good, or great) & yell "WE'VE HAD A GREAT DAY"; Well, that's how I feel about today.

Prince Charming is home, so that's a huge plus, I'm almost caught up on laundry (well, as caught up as one can be with a family of 6),  I got a phone call from my good friend in New Hampshire, I got my crocs (YEAH) (oh, & a pair of sandals for Princess that P Charming doesn't know about).  Ok, I have to tell you about these crocs, all last summer, I drooled over a pair of celery green Mary Jane's, man, I wanted these shoes so bad.  When I did finally find them in my size, I felt guilty about spending the $ on me, & of course, when I would finally talk myself into getting them, I couldn't find them.  Needless to say, I didn't get them;  I did get a pair of chocolate brown Cali Sketchers which I love, but they weren't my Mary Janes.  Ok, I decided this summer, I was going to break down & get them, but in a pink, or something else kind of fun & funky.  I've been watching ebay the last couple of weeks.  I found some!!!   Even better than the celery green are the floral ones.  I GOT THEM!!!  I paid for them today with buy it now & they were super cheap.  Man, talk about making my day! I should have them sometime next week.  Now if it would just stop snowing so I can actually wear them!  But wait, my day gets even better...

Next up is  b day shopping with Bonez.  He has been wanting a pair of "sic" tennis shoes that he found online.  That's what we were planning on getting him.  Today, I had a brilliant idea while in the shower, (yah, talk about multi tasking) I gave B the option of either us ordering the shoes for him, knowing they wouldn't be here in time for his actual b day, or I would take him to the Nike outlet.  He opted for shopping.  Him & I took off & wow, did we score!  He ended up getting 2 pair of shoes, a hat, a t shirt, a pair of jeans & a pair of dress pants all for LESS than we would have spent on the pair of shoes we were going to order!!!  Man, talk about fun!  The funniest part was seeing the look on M's face when he saw us walk in with our bags of goodies!


Oh, & tonight, B had his interview with the Bishop, Mike took him & said they would be right back.  Well, after an hour, I called his phone, no answer.  I called about 3-4 more times with still no answer.  It was snowing like crazy & I was starting to get worried.  FINALLY, a little before 9 I got ahold of him.  They were just leaving the church, as they were leaving the Bishop's office, they looked in the gym, the YM were having basketball practice & B was asked to stay & play.  Since he'll be 12 before the season actually starts, he gets to play on our ward's team, he's really excited.  Oh, & M said B just "schooled them", said he did really well, & he was by far the youngest & smallest out there.  I was so happy for B, this will a new phase in his life, but one that I'm hoping he'll enjoy.

Not only did I have a "GREAT" day, I had a "GREAT" night too!


Midnite Scrapper said...

You have had a GREAT day! Don't you love it when all of that comes together like that? I wanna see a picture when you get your shoes! =]

Creative and Chaotic said...

Don't you love it when you find what you want (and for a great deal) on ebay! Fabulous! Ditto what Midnite said! Where are your pics???