Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baseball Time...

So today was Bubby's first baseball practice. Let me tell you, this kid was SO excited! The night we got him his new spiffy neon green glove, he slept with it, crack me up! Yesterday, he walked around all afternoon wearing his cleats, (he's trying to learn how to tie his shoes & has it in his head that they are the ONLY shoes he can learn on) LOL. Yeah, I would say he was ready for this morning! He slept on the couch last night, this morning, all I said to him to wake him was " Bubs, it's time to get ready for baseball..." man, I don't think I've ever seen him move so fast LOL. He had to have taken the quickest shower ever (yes, he used soap AND shampoo).

We got to the field & he met Coach Kevin who handed him his new "Stover Indians" hat. HOLY COW, you would have thought it was Christmas, Bubs was so excited! None of his friends were there yet, but that didn't stop him from hooking up with a few other boys & playing catch. It was so fun to watch all of them. These are all 6-7 year olds & most haven't played before. This is NOT t-ball (I don't do t-ball). Anyway, I only had a chance to snap a few pics, but that's okay, we have the whole season ahead of us.

Here's my little "Major Leaguer"...

His buddy Branson would NOT stay out of the picture so I snapped 1 of the 2 of them right after practice. Part of Bubby's excitement is knowing that he has 2 of his good friends on his team. It's gonna be a fun summer!