Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Embarrassing Haircut...

Ok, so it's the end of the school year, the kids bring home their writing journals & a whole bunch of other "stuff". It was late one night & I started going through some of C-Man's pile. I found a writing journal of his & started skimming through it, trying to decide if it should be kept, or tossed. OMGosh, I was laughing so hard, I was literally crying. The story I am going to share with you is just so... HIM! It still cracks me up each time I read it. It may be kind of long, sorry, but it is funny. Anyway, here goes... (oh, he was 9 when this happened).

Snip! Snip! That's the sound of my hair being cut. I will never forget my surprise accidental haircut.

Just before I got my haircut, I was playing my ps3. i was also beating my brother in the video game. When I beat him by a lot, (43 pts), he got mad because everytime I beat him in Madden, he would get mad.

After a while my dad came downstairs saying "hurry up, are you ready yet". He said that because we were supposed to go as soon asI got home from school, & he was upstairs playing poker online for an hour. Then we left, when we got there my dad gave them a picture of my brother, he said "that's how I want their hair done/cut. It felt kind of awkward. When they finished, it left like I had NO hair.

When I looked in the mirror, it was way shorter than I thought it would be, I HATED it. Luckily I had a hat with me, so I put it on. When I walked next to my dad, he knocked my hat off. My brother said "ha ha, you look funny". I said "Well, you don't look any different" because he got his haircut also!

That's the story of my accidental surprise haircut... but there is one thing wrong, it wasn't really an accidental haircut. Next time I'm beating my brother in a sweet video game & my dad says "hurry up, are you ready yet", I'm going to sneak out the front or back door & see if my dad is looking for me to take me for a haircut.

Ok, you may not find this very amusing, but I can TOTALLY hear him saying this. This one makes me laugh, all the time, he cracks me up! Anyway, I left everything just the way he wrote it, I didn't "fix" anything.

Hmmm, it's time for him to get another haircut, wonder if he'll remember this story, maybe I'll bribe him with something else first, THEN, head to the haircutting place. LOL


Michelle said...

Isn't it funny how traumatic a haircut can be to a child? Getting my son to the barber is like getting a cat into a tub of water - very hard. :D

Cute story!