Friday, June 27, 2008

Cub Scout Day Camp

Can I just start out by saying, I am EXHAUSTED!!! It was a looooong week, that's for sure. I got (read: HAD) to go to cub camp all week. Luckily there were 3 of us "leaders" with my group. We had 10 boys between us. I think all the boys had a blast, there was definitely lots to do to keep them busy, but it was tiring. I had 3 Weblos from my pack, one of the leaders, had his own 2 boys & then there was another leader that had 5 from her pack. The first 5 boys I just mentioned, were PERFECT, seriously, it was SO much fun getting to know a different side of them. Seriously, I think they were the best 5 kids there! They all got along really well, had good attitudes, are just really good kids. The OTHER 5 in our group... well, let's just say that NONE of the things I just mentioned could be used to describe ANY of them! They were beyond out of control! Like seriously, they were BRATS! Constantly in trouble, like at EVERY.SINGLE.STATION we went to. It became pretty embarrassing. I felt bad for their leader, but honestly, her son was the worst. Let's just say it was NOT fun. We were definitely a "divided" group, it was us vs. them all week long. I think that's the reason I'm so tired, I got so sick of having to discipline those 5 kids CONSTANTLY!

Anyway, other than dealing with them, it was a fun week. The boys got to go to the shooting range every day, shooting b b guns, & bow & arrows, that was pretty funny to watch. The boys thought it would be a piece of cake, they were surprised to find it to be much harder than they thought!

They also did "field games" every day. That was a favorite station because they were on the go constantly.

Let's see, they also did woodworking (making bug barns), & leather skills.

Some of the other hilights were, water bottle rockets on the last day, making a "den" flag,

& of course, the obstacle course that the boy scouts set up for them. D got bored in the "tag along" group so he came & hung out with us 1 morning. Because we were missing 1 boy, I let him join in & participate in the obstacle course part. He got to cross the Monkey Bridge, which of course, he thought was "SIC"!

I'm glad I got to go & enjoy the week with C-Man, it was lots of fun seeing him interact with his peers. I'm exhausted, but it was SO worth it!


CloverGirl said...

That looks like such an awesome camp!!!