Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Instant Messaging...

Ok, so I am addicted to my laptop, that isn't a big surprise to anyone that knows me.  All of my friends live in here, that's what I keep telling my hubby.

Ok, so I've been keeping in touch with my friend's through IM.  What a great thing.  One of my BFF lives in Bermuda, it is SO nice to be able to have daily conversations with her, & they don't cost us anything!  (Ok, that's just a bonus).  I have a friend in Canada that I chat with on a daily basis (although, I'm not sure why I continue to talk to her, she calls me names, like nitwit, & tonight she called me a wingnut, luckily I still like her). I also have some great friends on the other side of the states, we don't have to run up our phone bills chatting with each other.  I LOVE using IM.  I've seriously made some great friends off board by using IM, it's been a great thing in my life.

I have a sister, growing up, we were the furthest things from "friends", but ya know something, we both grew up & I now consider her one of my best friends.  We would RARELY chat on the phone, ever try having a phone conversation with 9 kids around?  Not an easy task, that's for sure.  We both live on our computers, we finally decided to add each other as buddies. OMGosh, it's been INCREDIBLE!  I really don't think a day has gone by that we haven't "talked".  It's so nice to really be a part of each other's daily life.  I think we are probably closer now than we have ever been, & ya know something, I LOVE it!  It's been so much fun getting to know her as an adult.  I love the fact that I can, & do, call her a friend.  She is such a positive influence in my life, she is amazing.

Ok, I was just told I needed to clarify something... it's not that my sis & I weren't "close" before we started IMing.  Life just seemed to always get in the way.  It wasn't uncommon for us to go months without talking to each other.  We always got the updates from mom & dad, the 2 of us just didn't always seem to "connect" on the phone.  Like I said, life with 9 kids always seemed to keep us both busy.  By the time we would have a few "quiet" minutes, it was to late to call. This has made our friendship much easier to maintain.  (Hopefully that makes sense).

Anyway, all this rambling just to let you all know that I LOVE IMing.  What a great way to reach across the miles & connect with friends.

Ok, seems like certain "friends" are feeling left out because they weren't mentioned by name so here ya go...  I also IM with... Amanda, Brandi, Des, Jillie, Judy, Jules, & Melissa.  (I even put everyone is alpha order so please don't flame me on that part too! LOL). (I used to IM with Sherry, but she doesn't have it on her computer anymore).  I hope everyone is happy now!!!

If there is anyone else, I left off, I am truly sorry & please don't take it personally!


CloverGirl said...

Um, hello. You can mention Canada, but not Michigan??????

Jeesh - and I don't even call you names. I guess I need to start. LOL!

1boy4girls said...

awwwe, how sweet! I feel the same way about you :)

I LOVE IM too! Seriously the best thing ever!!!

Amanda said...

It's alright Clovergirl, you can I can be left out together *sniffle* I do love IM'ing though!!