Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blessed by good friends!

This is going to be pretty short, I've been up since 4:45 & am exhausted, but wanted to share this.  I know how blessed my family is, I also think I take it for granted most of the time.  Well... this "story" is a story that brought that home to me tonight & really was a reminder that I needed.  To say that we've been financially struggling, would be a MAJOR understatement.  With that being said, we've somehow managed to get by, (barely, but we're still here).  Anyway, a few months ago, the wonderful Parks & Rec "catalog" came in the mail, of course, the boys wanted to sign up for any & everything possible.  We agreed on a few things & off I went to sign them up.  Obviously I didn't pay very close attention to registration dates, because once there, I realized I needed to sign C Man up for football RIGHT THEN, not in August like I had thought.  What does that mean?  Well, it meant that he had to choose, a week long basketball camp he was "dying" on attending, or tackle football for the fall season.  It was a tough choice, but he finally decided on football.

Fast forward to last week.  His BFF's mom wanted to sign C-Man & her DS (dear son) up for this camp.   The only "catch" was, we didn't have the $ at this point.  Long story short, I just got home from a weekend of being out of town & there were 2 messages on my phone from her. They are paying for C-Man to go to camp, it's something they really want to do for the boys. I'm sitting her with tears streaming down my face as I'm typing this.  I HATE that we can't afford to send him on our own.  I know this is something that C-Man REALLY wanted to do & I HATED that he wasn't going to be able to go because of us, it was killing me.  I am beyond grateful that they are making this possible for him.  We are SO beyond blessed to have such great friends.

Ok, I'm rambling at this point because I am so emotional, I'm not thinking straight.  Sorry!  I just had to share, we always hear about the bad in the world, I wanted to share something positive for a change.

I hope & pray that one day I'll be in the position to PIF to someone & let them know that there really are still good people out there.


CloverGirl said...

Friends are a wonderful thing. :)

How awesome that he can go to camp and have fun with his friend. And how great for you to accept such a wonderful, selfless gesture from your friends.

Amanda said...

Oh that's great news! How wonderful that your family can be so blessed by great friends :)

1boy4girls said...

YEAH! That is awesome! I hope that he enjoys his week and is aware of how wonderful his friend is! That is probably a lesson that he will take to heart and have a desire to share with others when he can.

It was fun having you guys here. I wish that we could have spent more time together. But I suppose that if mom and dad move out here, then we'll see more of you!