Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Favorite movie...

There was a thread on SS a while ago that asked... "What is your favorite, watch it anytime it's on movie". I answered, but honestly didn't think too much about it. I have a few "favorite movies", movies I've seen tons of times, Grease, that was my all time FAVORITE movie EVER growing up, I actually lost count at how many times I had seen it, last count was 253, yep, LOVE it.

Well, I've come to realize (yeah, I think I'm getting old) that I really have to be in the mood to watch that, along with my other "FAVS". BUT, there is 1 movie, that I can honestly say, I will stop what I'm doing & watch, beginning to end (VERY rare for me) absolutely ANYtime it is on. What movie is it you're asking...


LOVE this movie, like probably more than any other movie LOVE. I think I've watched it 3-4 times within the last month or so. My hubby turned it on one night (HE says there was NOTHING else on, ummm, we have just about every channel available, but hey, I was NOT going to complain). I had the pleasure of watching it with my boys (I do NOT want any flames for that thankyouverymuch), they enjoyed it, (ok, I think that's my wishful thinking, they all said it was "okay at best" & "whatever mom, it was pretty dumb", "It would have been better with better music" WTHeck is THAT comment about?!). ANYWAY, *I* think it's a GREAT movie, that's what was important!

Anyway, back to the whole reason I'm even posting this...

I am exhausted, got up early & have been on the go all day, D has an early baseball game tomorrow so I longed to go to bed early tonight (read: before 11). Well, I got back from "running an errand" (Banana splits from Sonic are really yummy at 10 pm BTW) & Hubby turned the channel to... (drum roll please...)


Now, remember, I wanted to go to sleep. I even tried to lay down on the couch (99% of the time, he puts something on TV, I lay down & am OUT before the opening credits start up). You know what happened? Well, look at the time of this post... I HAD to watch it. I even came up stairs, got ready for bed & tried to fall asleep watching. NOPE, was NOT gonna happen, this movie gets my blood pumping, my heart racing, I feel like it's ME up on that bar. I was belting it out right along with her. LeAnn Rimes even joined us at the end. LOL. I LOVE this movie, did I tell you that? To me, it's such a feel good movie, it has a great lesson of NOT giving up on your dreams, even when everything is stacked against you. DO NOT GIVE UP! It's such a fun storyline, I don't know, it just always makes me feel good. Ok, & I think Violet is just darling & well, holy cow, "Mr. O'Donnell" isn't bad to look at either IYKWIM!

So... I'm now asking you... what is YOUR "I can watch ANYtime movie"? Tell me about it, why is it your favorite? What is it about it that makes it so "special"?


CloverGirl said...

We must be watching the same channel because I've watched this a couple times this month. I like it, too.

Movies I will stay up to watch: A Time to Kill, Grease, and Fools Rush In.

Amanda said...

Coyote Ugly is a great one! Although I find myself singing along LOL. Mine has to be The Princess Bride, but it drives DH crazy because I know every darn line of the movie hehehee.