Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A day at the lake...

Prince Charming's dad invited us out for a day on the lake to celebrate M's b day.  G'pa, Daddy & C-Man headed out nice & early so they could get some fishing in.

I headed out with the younger 2 kiddos & picked up G'ma around 10.  We made it to the lake, & met the guys at the dock.  They had already set up "camp" for the day, so off we went to the site they had chosen for us.  Once we unloaded all the food & other necessities needed for a fun filled day, we (all but G'ma) headed out for some skiing & tubing fun.

Daddy was the only one that wanted to ski at that point, so when he was done, Bubby decided he wanted to be the first in the tube & he REFUSED to have anyone go with him.  In true "mom fashion", I was beyond freaked!!!  That was my little baby boy back there behind the boat, all by himself surrounded by TONS of water & who knows what else!  Of course, I didn't let HIM know I was a nervous wreck, I was cheering him on louder than anyone.  (Hey, I'm a mom, I HAVE to be his #1 cheerleader)!  He had a BLAST, until...G'pa went over his own wake a few times, poor Bubby, the tube at this time was having "issues" & because it was losing air, it was coming out of it's cover".  Then, add to that the fact that it became a VERY "bouncy" ride, his little face kept hitting the front of the tube, & all he could see were WAVES, everywhere he looked.  He was TERRIFIED, but was too afraid to let go to give us the "QUIT" sign.  The poor thing was trying so hard to hang on, & be brave, but the tears finally came.  It was HEARTBREAKING!  G'pa finally got the hint when I stood up & YELLED at him to STOP THE BOAT!  Daddy pulled Bubs in & we just kept telling him how brave he was & how cool it was & what a great job he did.  He dried the tears & decided that even though it was scary, it was also pretty darn exciting & fun too.
 Next up, C-Man, now, at this point, he was a little apprehensive, BUT he was NOT going to be shown up by his 6yo brother!  He jumped in & was ready to go.  He had more fun, he did think G'pa was going WAY too slow though & he let us know it!  He actually stayed in for quite a while & G'pa got to be a little more adventurous with him, that suited C-man to a T.
 At this point, I decided I wanted to go, BUT seeing as how I'm a big ol chicken, (I KNEW how G'pa would drive if it were just me) I volunteered to take the Princess with me (like how I do that, that way, he HAS to take it easy)!  I jumped in the tube, then Daddy handed her over.  She wasn't sure about this stuff, but we had fun.  G'pa was great (ok, he was literally going about as slow as the boat would go, but that's besides the point) & I think we even got a smile out of her at one point.

After we all had our chance at tubing, we headed back to G'ma & had some lunch & just hung out there for awhile.

UNTIL G'pa & all the boys decided they had to go fishing again. (Oh yeah, can you tell how excited I was about that).  Long story short, they were gone for what seemed like F.O.R.E.V.E.R.  By the time they got back, I was starting to lose it, Princess wanted IN THE BOAT!  I made G'pa take us around the cove for a few so she would be happy.  As SOON as we went back (like seriously I don't think we were gone 5 minutes...) G'pa, G'ma & Daddy decided they were heading back out fishing again.  Let's just say that by the time they made it back 2 hours later, I wasn't in a very good mood (ok, let's be honest here, I was TICKED).  The boys had been wanting to try their hand at skiing & had been told that as soon as they got back, they could go.  Ummm, yeah, well, not after 4 flippin hours of fishing, they couldn't!  Needless to say, by the time they all got back, NONE of us were very happy, so we loaded up the boat with everything & headed back to the cars.  To kind of make up for it, we convinced G'pa to let the boys go tubing on the way back to the dock.  The boys were happy at that point & all ended well that started well.  Great save G'pa!

Princess passed the time by collecting feathers, luckily there were lots of them! We also went "exploring", played in the water a little bit & ate. It was a looooong time to entertain 3 kiddos, but we managed!

All in all, it was a great way to celebrate hubby's b day, we all had fun (& got tons of sun) & got to relax & spend time with family.  We can't wait to do it again (hopefully with not as much fishing though). LOL


Midnite Scrapper said...

Great pictures of your day. You even managed to get one of yourself in there. =] Sounds like a great day...even with all the fishing. LOL

1boy4girls said...

Fun for you! Hey, we're going to be camping at the Cove right after Conner's birthday. You guys should come hang out with us (oh, and bring FIL's boat! then we won't have to rent one!!!) Seriously!

CloverGirl said...

How fun!!! LOVE all the pictures in this post. :)