Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's been a GOOD day!

C-Man is at his BFF's house, staying the night... again! LOL I swear, those 2 go through withdrawls when they aren't together!

B's BFF just left, he's been hangin out here all day.

Bubby's BFF had his party today so that's where him & I hung out. (GREAT party Kathy, it was a lot of fun)!

I LOVE that my boys have great friends, seriously, it makes my job as a mom so much easier.

I dropped Bubs off here & grabbed the Princess & took off for the library. We just took our time & looked at tons of books. After that, we braved the grocery store... HOLY COW, if we had actually had food here at the house, I would have turned around & come back home, it was INSANE!!!

Anyway, it's just been a good day, nothing too exciting, just low key & actually fun.

I got 2 books from the lib today & I can't wait to start reading. Oh yeah, I forgot to add that I got a surprise visitor today... my good friend dropped off 6 Costco muffin sized cupcakes for us. YUMMY!

I'm also chattin with my good friend from Bermuda... they'll be here in 1 month, I can't wait!!! Man I miss them. They've never met the Princess so it's gonna be TONS of fun. We're already makin lots of plans, YEAH!!!

Okay, I think I'm going to go jump on the other comp so I can do this week's blog challenge. (Pics are on the laptop...)

Here's to another GOOD day tomorrow!