Monday, July 7, 2008

New phase in our lives...

So this morning at the crack of dawn (literally), Daddy had to drop Bonez off at the church.  He's headed for Boy Scout camp for the week.  He'll be back sometime on Saturday.  He's never been gone more than a day or two,  I'm kind of nervous.  NOT about how he'll do, but about how WE'LL do without him.  

He kept telling us that he didn't want to go, it was going to be stupid etc. (That's B's way of dealing with something "new").  I brought home a big "framed" pack for him last Wed.  Wed night, he had all his clothes laid out on his bed.  Thursday, they were IN the pack.  (But remember, he was NOT excited)! HA!  Friday, he brought the pack in to me & had me help him figure out all the straps & see if we could attach his sleeping bag.  Saturday, him & Daddy went & picked up the last minute supplies he needed.  Last night, he wanted us to go over everything with him to make sure he was 100% ready.  We did NOT unpack to see what he packed, we told him we trusted him & HE needed to be the one that packed & made sure he was ready.  (WE had already looked everything while it was on his bed).

He set his alarm for 4am & headed to dreamland.  At 4:01, he came in to wake Dad up & tell him they needed to go so they wouldn't be late.  (Remember, he is NOT excited about this though) LOL.  We gently reminded him that he didn't need to be at the church for another 30 minutes & the church is only 1 mile away.  I told him to go get something to eat.  Hoping that would buy a little bit of time.  I have no idea what time he actually got up, I only know it was well before his alarm went off seeing as how he was already showered by the time he walked in our room at 4:01.

Crazy boy!!!

I'm excited to see how his week goes, I don't plan on hearing anything from him until he gets home.  I sent him with a sealed envelope for each day of the week.  Inside was a note from one of us left back home along with some of his favorite candy.  Nothing major, just a nice little surprise.  Oh, I also sent a pack of licorice hidden in his pack.  He most likely found those when he went to set up his tent.  I hope it put a smile on his face.  He gets to be "tent partners" with his good buddy Malan, I think that had a LOT to do with his new found excitement.

He also will have a "Priesthood Encampment" that he will be attending in a few weeks.  That will be followed by a "Pioneer Trek" in Wyoming he'll be going on with the rest of the youth from church.  The trek is a week long also.  This is a new phase in our lives.  It's going to be weird, but I think we're ready for it.  


1boy4girls said...

How exciting. I hope he has a great week. And I hope you survive!

Amanda said...

Awwww! So sweet... He looks like he's about to fall over from all the stuff he has on his back! I hope you both have a wonderful week. Give him big hugs when he returns :)

CloverGirl said...

What a wonderful experience for him!! I hope he comes back with wonderful memories of camp.

And I hope you survive alright. Being that mine is only seven, I cannot even imagine that right now. :)