Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dreaded phone call... again!

So I'm on the phone getting REAMED by someone that isn't happy with the way cub scouts is going. WHATEVER! At this point, all I wanted to say is... well, if you don't like the way it's going... DO IT YOURSELF!!! Anyway, my phone beeped saying I had another call. Perfect, sorry, long distance, gotta take that. Whew, got off the hook with that one.

I answer, thinking it was going to be my mom (although it WAS my dad's cell #, anyway...). It was Papa D (my dad) in tears (literally) letting me know that my mom is back in the hospital. Gall bladder attack again. UGH, what is this, an every Wednesday occurrence or something?! I certainly hope not, I don't think any of us could handle that!

At this point, we're playing the wait & see game, because Mom is on Plavix (a blood thinner) surgery is really risky. They were hoping that she would be fine until they could take her off the Plavix. Doesn't look like that is going to be an option anymore. My dad is going to call & let me know what they decide. You know, it's times like this that I HATE being so far away.

I'm hoping & praying that they can get this under control & everything will be okay. Wanna add my mom to your prayers? She could really use them right now.


Kathy said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your mom. You know, you do live close. It's all relative. I'll keep her in my prayers.

Amanda said...

Thinking of you all tonight (((huggs)))

CloverGirl said...

Keeping your Mom and her health in my prayers, and I'll add her to our prayer list at church.

(((((Hugs))))) and prayers to you, too. I also hate being hours away from my parents - it's so hard when you can't just pop over!