Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th everyone!!!

Ok, so my good friend Sherry had this week's blog challenge & I've been so excited to do it... well, I can't get my pics to work (long story), so... I'll just have to make do without them.
Here's her challenge...

Independence Day is this Friday. For this weeks Blog Challenge, I would love to see how you spend the 4th of July. Is this a time for you and your family to get together and celebrate? Do you bar-b-que, watch fireworks at the same place every year, participate in a parade or block party? Is it a day that makes you feel more patriotic? I realize that some of you may treat it like a any other day...but write something! Most have it off from work, but if you don't, you could write about what you usually do for the Fourth.

This could even be a two part thing. Blog about past Independence Days and then after Friday, get one more in there to tell us what you actually did this year.

I hope to hear about traditions, favorite recipes, stories from the past. Maybe you could share pictures from past celebrations and/or add some more after Friday.

Ok, for the first part, I LOVE the 4th, it's one of my favorite holidays, really! I love the colors, the sounds, the excitement, the food, the friends/family, & most of all, what it stands for. We are so blessed to live in a country that is free. Anyway, in the past, we had always had a b bque, when we lived here before, it always included family, fun & fireworks. In our last house here, we had the perfect view of the "butte" where they do a HUGE city fireworks presentation, complete with music to go along . We would all sit on the sidewalk (all my neighbors were JW's, so they would leave for the weekend), snuggle under our blankets, blast the car radios & watch. It was so much fun. When the 2 older boys were little, it terrified them so they would go in the house & watch out our big windows. Poor things! We always had so much fun just spending the evening together, M's family is really into games, so that would be our "before fireworks" entertainment. Our nephew's b day is the 3rd, so we would get together with them the night before & the celebration would start then & continue through the next night.

When we moved to Eugene, we were all on our own for the first time. Our first year there, (ok, we had only been there 1 week lol) we got invited to a BIG party put on by the Bishop's wife & it was lots of fun & a great way to get to know so many people. After that year, we started doing our own thing & hosted a b bque, nothing big, but it was fun. Hey Jules, remember when you all came over when Kev was working, man, we had fun that year!

Last year, we moved back here & had only been here about 1 week, again, we invited M's whole fam here for a big b bque. We again, have the PERFECT view of the butte from my front yard. The kids all played on the Banzai Falls, then we headed out front to watch the show. We had also gotten a bunch of "fun" fireworks from Boise when we had been there, so we put on a show to rival the "big professional" show. Tee Hee, don't tell anyone! lol

Anyway, this year, M & I had some different ideas on what we were going to do. Turns out that we don't have the $ to host, so we were just going to lay low. I was a little bummed, but unfortunately, until I find that $ tree, it's just the way it is. Well... change of plans, Nephew's b day party was changed to tonight!!! We're having a big ol party & b bque over there!!! I'm excited.

I'll add pics tomorrow since I obviously can't do that now lol.

Enjoy your 4th everyone!!! Mine's going to be a BLAST! I am PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!!


Muzic Luvr said...

it would be SICK if you could sent me those pictures of me and princess

Midnite Scrapper said...

I loved both of your posts. Pretty cool pics, Brynn! Sounds like it turned out great - even without the $$ tree. LOL I can relate!