Monday, November 10, 2008

Today I am thankful for...

My internet friends!

I was IMing with "Coffee" & she wanted to give me a call (in other words, she felt I needed to get some house work done) LOL. As we were chatting, the mail lady dropped off a package for me. Huh, I wasn't expecting anything, but hey, I'll take it! LOL OMGosh, it was a package from Brandi!!! We had chatted a while ago & I had mentioned that the Princess LOVED "Strawberry Cake" aka: Strawberry Shortcake. Anyway, she had said she had a brand new movie, she would send it to me for her. I totally forgot about it until it came in the mail today!

So, after getting all excited, Shannon & I continued our conversation for another hour or so. I LOVE my internet friends. I seriously have made the best friends through my online message board. I know so many people IRL that just don't "get it", they don't understand how I can have some BFF that I have/had never even met. There is something so incredible special about SS & the bond that we have there.

I had the BEST time at the retreat last month, I finally got to meet some of my "great friends". Not only did I get to meet the friends I had been talking to for months, but I made some new ones as well. My life has literally been changed (for the better) because of my "internet friends". They (you) have gotten me through some really rough times & I can't thank them (you) enough.

I can't ever get rid of my computer, all my friends live in it!!!


1boy4girls said...

Hey, what about me???

Brynn said...

What about you?! You're not my internet friend, you're my sister! LOL, actually, if it weren't for the computer, we wouldn't talk, would we?!

Patience my friend, patience!

mimi said...

It's been so great keeping in touch with you Brenda, YaY!!...I love blogging!

CloverGirl said...

I'm so glad it arrived!!!! I hope she likes it!