Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today I am thankful for...

There are so many things I want to write about, I'm actually having a hard time choosing!

Ok, I think I've decided. Yesterday I got a comment on my facebook wall from my cousin. She was trying to get ahold of me... ummm, okay, I emailed her back & gave her my #. Literally less than 1 minute later, my phone was ringing & it was her! Now, before I get on with my story, let me explain the "relationship" here. Our mom's are sisters. There are 4 of us cousins (on that side) that are all the same age (or at least, close enough). I am the youngest, I believe Shirlene is only a few months older than me. Anyway, I always loved Shirlene & we always got along, but unfortunately, we didn't see each other often. She grew up in Utah & me in Oregon. When I went away to college, we did spend more time together & had a BLAST!

Ok, on with my story... so the last time I saw her was about 3 summers ago at a family reunion, we talked, laughed & caught up. We have kind of kept in touch using facebook & also through our blogs, it's been great. Well, I honestly couldn't figure out why she would be trying to get ahold of me, so yeah I was beyond interested in what was going on. Anyway, she has some decisions she needs to make in regards to her DD & wanted my input.

Once we got that out of the way, we just chatted & "caught up" with each other. OMGosh, I miss her! I so wish we lived closer. She is so much fun, I had such a great time chatting with her yesterday. Not only is she my cousin, but a friend & I'm so thankful she thought of me & called. I so hope we are able to keep in touch more & let our friendship grow.

Anyway, thanks for the phone call Shirleney, you made my day & I've thought about you a number of times today.


1boy4girls said...

ohh, how sweet! Unfortunately for me, there was just me and Jay. need I say more??? Love him, but not QUITE the same? And I still feel like the little kid trying to play with the big kids. Today.

Shirlene said...

Oh, I'm so touched:) You just made my day. I have always felt close to you, too. I love seeing pictures of the four of us that were taken at Grandma P.'s apartment when we were about 2 years old (I"m guessing you've seen that series). I remember when you guys came to visit when we were about in the 6th grade. I thought you were so awesome, and I tried to speak and use some of your Oregon expressions after you left. I'm so glad you were willing to share with me yesterday. It really helped. And it was very fun to chat! We'll have to do it more often. We need to get together again! I love all my cousins. Since I don't have a sister, all my girl cousins feel like sisters to me. I feel like in a lot of ways we're all really similar. When I was talking to you yesterday, even though we haven't chatted on the phone forevever, there was something about your voice that was familiar and I knew you were family. Love ya, cousin!
p.s. Becki, we never thought of you as the "little kid". You were always apart of us, too. And it's funny how when you're adults, a couple of years age different doesn't mean anything anymore.