Friday, November 14, 2008

Today I am thankful for...

The excitement of a little boy!

Ok, so yesterday I had said Bubby was acting kind of "off" when I left him at the school. I picked the boys up (like I do every day), he got in & got buckled, & then I didn't hear a sound from him again. That is NOT normal. I'm usually having to tell one of the boys to "hang on, you can tell me when your brother is done talking..." the entire drive home is like that; Not this time. So, we pull up at the house, C-Man jumps out, & Bubs looks over at me & very quietly says, "Umm, mom, do B or C have a loose tooth?" I knew right then where this was going! I smiled & said "Noooo, do YOU?!" He was ALL smiles at that point! He showed me (which is beyond my limits of a mom, that is 1 thing I can NOT deal with!) & told me that it became loose during 1st recess at school. Now why he didn't say anything to me while I was in his classroom is beyond me, but whatever. He ran in the house & promptly showed daddy, boy was he excited to be in the spotlight!

About an hour or so later, he came in & calmly asked what he should do with his tooth! Crazy kid! He twisted it until it came out. He was darling the rest of the night, he kept poking his little tongue out through the little hole, & then was telling me that "it feels weird now, I'm used to a tooth being there". LOL, man I love this little boy!

He was even willing (& excited even?) to pose for pics! Yeah, the Princess had to get in on that action, but he was willing to share the spotlight for a little bit with her.

When it came time for bed, he was so cute, he wanted to make sure he knew exactly what to do & where to put the tooth so the Tooth Fairy would find it. He did panic for a minute though when he found out he had to put it under a pillow, you see, my kids have this weird thing & don't use pillows... (maybe that's cause when they were little, I always stole them & used them which left them pillowless). Anyway, no fear, we found him a pillow & slipped the tooth under it. As a little extra "incentive", I told him that the tooth fairy would only come visit if he were sound asleep by 8:30. He looked at the clock & said, "so, I have 23 minutes then?" Yep, that's about right LOL.

Needless to say, he was not disappointed when he woke up this morning & checked under his pillow. The Tooth Fairy had come & he was happy! OH, & he also called Gammy last night to tell her the big news. You see, my mom sends $5 for the first tooth lost, so he was wantin his moolah!

Anyway, here's my little boy (who is growing up too darn fast) with is loot from the Tooth Fairy...

What was all this worth?
Tooth Fairy $... 4 $1 bills & 1 "gold" dollar coin
Gammy $... $5
Excitement of my little boy... Priceless!


mimi said...

YAY...:):)How exciting!! So Cute:)Congratulations to your little guy!