Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today I am thankful for...

The opportunity I had of working in Bubby's classroom today!

Because we only have 1 car right now, I haven't been able to work in the classrooms like I normally do. I got my chance today & man, I totally forgot how much I love it.

I got to work with each of the students at some point, it was their reading time, so each had different things (stations) so I got to "wander" & help when & where I was needed. Bub's teacher is one I know well, Bonez had her for 2 years & we LOVE her, I forgot how much I love working with her. She is amazing with the kids & pretty great with adults too! LOL

Anyway, I am hoping to make this a weekly shindig, so let's keep our fingers crossed that it all works out.

Oh, as I was leaving, Bubs was upset, he wanted me to stay the rest of the day with him (uhhh, I didn't love it THAT much ;)). I felt bad, he was almost in tears, he's never done that before, so I'm not sure where it was coming from, but man, my little guy definitely knows how to break my heart!!!

Oh, & the Princess did GREAT the 2 hours we were there, so that was an added bonus!!!


mimi said...

That is so neat that you help in their classrooms! I bet your kids love having you there.

devri said...

I am jelous, I have way to many to help in the classrooms with no babysitter to stay with the rest.

you are a superstar.