Monday, November 17, 2008

Today I am thankful for...

Unexpected phone calls!

Remember my friend that moved away? Well, she's been on my mind a lot lately. Since I didn't have any other way to get ahold of her, I decided to email her today. I wrote out this long email trying to catch her up & ask questions so I could get caught up on her & her family. I was so excited to send this & hear back from her, I've really missed her. So, I hit send & I wait, & wait & wait some more. Hmmm, still says "loading"... Ok, I'm sick of waiting, I run upstairs & switch out a load of laundry (will my kids EVER stop getting their clothes dirty?!) anyway, I come back & my email is gone. Oh, okay, I guess it was sent then. Well, I decided (cause I'm nosy that way) to make sure it really did get sent. Ummm, I can't find it. NO WHERE in my stupid gmail thing does it have a place for "drafts". I looked & looked for this email, I certainly did NOT want to write it all out again.

Ok, so fast forward an hour or so, I get home from picking the boys up & come home to cuddle with the Princess (who is now sick). Anyway, I check caller ID & low & behold, there's a call from my friend!!! I was so freakin excited that I listened to my stupid messages (anyone that knows me well, knows that's like torture to me, I HATE listening to them, it takes forever because there are always so dang many of them. Yes, I know that if I listened to them more that wouldn't be an issue). You know what I got when I finally got to hers?... a HANG UP!!! A click! Can you believe it?!

Prince Charming finally gets home (we don't have long distance on our home phone...yet) so I give her a call. I'm assuming she got my email & for some reason it just isn't showing up on my side. I get ahold of her & guess what... she never got it, she was just calling to chat!!!

She totally made my day. We didn't chat long, but long enough to remind me of why we became such good friends in the first place! Man, I miss her & her family.

So today, I'm grateful for unexpected phone calls, esp from "long lost friends"!


Char said...

I was actually thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were doing. I know you were very upset that your friend has moved away. SO glad the phone call - or should I say hang up - brightened your day!