Monday, November 24, 2008

Today I am thankful for...

Working smoke alarms!!!

HOLY COW, my 10 tried to burn down our house tonight!!!

He wanted to make one of those packets of "Lipton chicken rice" things. I was on the phone, guess he got sick of waiting. I told him to READ THE DIRECTIONS & figure it out. (I did tell him which bowl to use... which is now in the trash ). Next thing I knew, every single smoke alarm in my house was going off (& there are a lot of them). I hung up the phone, ran down stairs & honestly, couldn't see a thing! I opened the microwave & smoke literally just billowed out. It was so bad, I couldn't find the smoke detector!!! Oh course, DH was oblivious to the whole thing, he was playing the drums in the music room. I ran in & yelled at him & then couldn't find him again. We ran around opening all the windows & doors (luckily it's 52 out so we aren't freezing). UGH, my house STINKS!!!

The 10yo has been in tears since it happened, I only asked if he added water, he answered "no, I didn't know I needed to..." I didn't think he needed any other discipline, he knew he messed up & was so scared when he saw the smoke.

I am SO thankful we have working smoke alarms that went off. I am also beyond grateful it was "just" the smoke, it could have been so much worse!

Yikes, the excitement never stops around here!!!


mimi said...

SCARY !!!! :) glad everything is ok !!!

MidniteScrapper said...

Oh, wow Brynn! That is scary! That happened to a kid at our school with the Cup o' noodles. Glad nobody was hurt.

Brynn said...

Uhh Sherry, yeah, about the cup of noodles, we've had that one happen too... twice!!! That time it was the oldest WAIT, I think he was about 10 too. Note to self... do NOT let Bubby use the microwave when he is 10!!!

I told C-Man tonight that at least he got it out of the way & now I have a few years before I'll have to deal with it again. (Looking for the positive here). LOL

BTW, my house STILL smells! It's 32 right now & I'm gonna be sleeping with the windows open!

MidniteScrapper said...

Ugh. Yeah, besides the note to yourself, you might want to just duct tape a note to the microwave to remind yourself. LOL =]

Amanda said...

I did the same thing the first time my mom asked me to make a Cup-o-Noodles. Oops!