Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beauty... Day 12

My beauty today comes from the excitement of a little boy. Bubby came walking (floating actually) out to the car after school carrying 2 "backpacks". He had the BIGGEST grin on his face! He was chosen as the "PAL of the Week" today. What exactly does this mean you ask? Well, first of all, he gets to bring home the "cool" frog backpack FILLED with goodies to keep him entertained all week. There were I think 4 chapter books (which he is SO excited about), a journal for him to write about his adventures of the week in, a Rick Krispy treat that he was supposed to make into a toad before eating (not sure what the heck that is about lol), some green play doh to make into a frog, a little plastic frog to play with, & some other "misc." stuff. BUT the most exciting of all... FRANKIE the Frog!!!

This is right before bedtime, he was SO excited to cuddle with Frankie tonight. He has been carrying that thing around with him ever since he got home today. He was so cute, he just HAD to show the Princess when we got home. Ok, quick story... we (him & I) walk in the door & we hear Roo crying. I find her & pick her up & try to find out what was going on. Bray explains that she had fallen & bonked her head. (Of course, he's just playing his video game, like it's no biggie) ANYWAY, so Bubby shows her Frankie & has Frankie kiss her owie. Awww, so sweet, ummm, yeah, it really was, UNTIL she decided SHE wanted to cuddle with it. Bubby's compassion only goes so far! He did go up & get her her own BAB frog that she could cuddle with (she was happy with that). I just sat back & laughed.

I LOVE when my kids get so excited about something (something other than video games that is), esp when it has to do with school.

Anyway, my beauty comes from the excitement of my little 1st grader & something fun his teacher does with them. I'll be sure to add more pics from his "adventures with Frankie" during the week.


mimi said... Mom's name is Frankie:)
How sweet of your little guy to share with his sister:)...I hope he has a really fun week with his backpack full of goodies!

CloverGirl said...

That's so neat!! I hope he likes the books.

Traci said...

That sounds like such a great activity! And I'm thinking if you add a couple drops of food coloring to the rice crispy treat and mush it you can make it green for the frog..

He's a cutie by the way!